Visual History

Images of Education

by Ulrike Mietzner (Volume editor) Kevin Myers (Volume editor) Nick Peim (Volume editor)
©2005 Conference proceedings 270 Pages


Addressing questions about representation, this book critically explores the potential of different types of visual material to illuminate historical studies. The contributions in this collection range from explorations of picture schemes used in 19th century classrooms to contemporary popular representations of schooling. Film and photographic images are considered in specific contexts, presenting case studies along with theoretical reflections about methods, values and the very nature of historical studies. Images are examined in children’s literature, in the induction of history of education students, in the recreation of past practices and in the promotion of government policies. Visions of education are put alongside discussion of ‘the visual turn’, its value to historians, its relations with questions about the construction of knowledge and the archive. A range of positions on the visual are represented in the collection. Without presenting an orthodoxy the book aims to promote new awarenesses of this important aspect of education history and the issues it raises.


ISBN (Softcover)
Education Representation of Schooling Bildliche Darstellung Geschichte Aufsatzsammlung Visual History Historical Study Classroom Children's Literature History of Education Student Bildungswesen
Oxford, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Wien, 2005. 270 pp., num. ill.

Biographical notes

Ulrike Mietzner (Volume editor) Kevin Myers (Volume editor) Nick Peim (Volume editor)

The Editors: Ulrike Mietzner passed her Erstes Staatsexamen from Technische Universität, Berlin, in 1983 (Arts, English, Teacher Education, History). She obtained her Ph.D. in History from Technische Universität, Berlin, 1993. She is now Professor of History of Education at Potsdam University. She is currently working on images of the Jewish youth movement and communal education in Germany, Palestine and Israel. Kevin Myers received his BSc in Social Sciences from Bradford University in 1994 and his Ph.D. in History from Coventry University in 2000. He is a lecturer in Social History at the University of Birmingham. He has recently written a number of articles on the use of history in processes of identity formation. Nick Peim received his BA from Cambridge in English in 1975, his PGCE from Cambridge in 1976 and his MA also from Cambridge in 1978. His Ph.D. was in Cultural Politics of the Curriculum (1998). He is a lecturer in education at the University of Birmingham. His current work addresses language as social action and education after postmodernism.


Title: Visual History