Revisiting Space

Space and Place in European Cinema

by Wendy Everett (Volume editor) Axel Goodbody (Volume editor)
©2005 Conference proceedings 385 Pages
Series: New Studies in European Cinema, Volume 2


The role of space and place in the creation of visual narratives constitutes one of the most dynamic and exciting debates in contemporary film studies. How does film construct space? What are the spatial codes and strategies that it uses? What is the relationship between space and time in film? How do spatial constructs enable us to understand new concepts of identity and the politics and geographies of exile and displacement? Such questions, whose importance to contemporary film and culture is fundamental, are explored in wide-ranging, challenging essays that re-evaluate and extend recent theoretical debate in relation to the regional and national cinemas of Europe.
Alongside critical essays by scholars of international repute the book contains original contributions by practising film directors. Characterised by its interdisciplinary, cross-national focus, it is thematically structured to provide an insight into smaller and less well-explored cinemas as well as those of Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Russia and Spain. Authoritative, lively, and jargon-free, these essays provide the reader with a clear understanding of the significance of space and place, and a fresh perspective on the fascinating diversity of European cinema.


ISBN (Softcover)
Europa Film Raumdarstellung Bath (2003) Urban Space Rural Space Multiple Space Invisible Space Social Space Spatial code Kongress Unstable Space
Oxford, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Wien, 2005. 385 pp.

Biographical notes

Wendy Everett (Volume editor) Axel Goodbody (Volume editor)

The Editors: Wendy Everett is Senior Lecturer in Film and French at the University of Bath. Axel Goodbody is Reader in German Studies at the University of Bath.


Title: Revisiting Space