The Book of Daniel

The Commentary of R. Saadia Gaon

by Joseph Alobaidi (Author)
Others XIV, 681 Pages


The book of Daniel exerted a strong influence despite its brevity and late composition. Old Jewish commentators read it as the future God planned for Israel. Modern Bible scholars trace the birth of Apocalyptic literature to its chapters. The commentary of Saadia Gaon is the first serious example of rabbinical reading and displays the multidimensional role of the Book of Daniel. In Rabbi Saadia’s commentary a new style in commenting the Bible emerges. Philological consideration and historical inquiry replace the story-telling type or midrashic exegesis. The commentary is also a testimony of the vital role the Middle East played in forging today’s Judaism.


XIV, 681
ISBN (Softcover)
Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2006. XIV, 681 pp.

Biographical notes

Joseph Alobaidi (Author)

The Author: Joseph Alobaidi, OP, is assistant professor of Bible and Semitic Religion at the Immaculate Conception Pontifical Faculty in Washington, D.C. His main interest involves the study of Bible interpretation in history, particularly Judeo-Arabic.


Title: The Book of Daniel