Path-Dependent Development in the Western Balkans

The Impact of Privatization

by Sinisa Kusic (Volume editor)
©2005 Edited Collection 222 Pages


Despite of structural commonalities resulting from the shared socialist heritage, regional, historical, and cultural peculiarities of every country place a crucial impact on shape and speed of post-socialist development. This applies especially to the process of privatization in transition; methods were chosen to bring in line the socialist legacies and the demands of a fast and as painless as possible transition to a market economy. The compendium aims at accessing choice and success of privatization methods in the Western Balkans with regard to the countries’ attributes. The impacts of privatization on enterprise performance and efficiency, private entrepreneurship, competitiveness, the role of the state, and macroeconomic data in the countries of the Western Balkans are related to the countries’ distinct features. In six contributions experts from the region analyze these interdependencies in detail.


ISBN (Softcover)
Westbalkan Wirtschaftsentwicklung Aufsatzsammlung Kroatien Bosnien-Herzegowina Mazedonien Pfadabhängigkeit Privatisierung Albanien
Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2005. 220 pp., 26 tables, 1 graph

Biographical notes

Sinisa Kusic (Volume editor)

The Editor: Siniša Kušić, studies in economics at the Universität Frankfurt am Main, graduation in 1994. Assistant professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration since 1999. His dissertation on privatization in Croatia was awarded with the Wolfgang Ritter-Prize 2002. Plenty of recitations at international conferences and more than thirty publications on privatization, economic development and integration in Eastern and South Eastern Europe. Research sojourns in Australia, Croatia and Russia, visiting fellowship at Moscow State University Lomonosov. Reviewer for various organizations with regard to Western Balkans and EU integration.


Title: Path-Dependent Development in the Western Balkans