Foucault and Education Primer

by Gail McNicol Jardine (Author)
©2005 Textbook VI, 129 Pages
Series: Counterpoints Primers, Volume 3


This book explores the works of Michel Foucault and their relevance for educational theory and practice. Gail McNicol Jardine investigates Foucault’s early examinations of the transformation of systems of knowledge as societies change, his in-depth, critical analyses of Knowledge-Power, and his increasingly more explicit examination of the relationship of the Self to acts of Knowledge-Power. Specific themes that are explored from Foucault’s work are archeology, genealogy, disciplinary knowledge and power, normality, the gaze, panopticism, the examination, critique and resistance. This primer contains ample references that allow the reader to examine Foucault’s own use of these important analytic concepts and tools. This book will be useful in undergraduate and graduate courses in education, critical theory, educational theory, critical pedagogy, philosophy, psychology, and sociology.


VI, 129
ISBN (Softcover)
Foucault Social Theory Foucault, Michel Erziehungsphilosophie Disciplinary Power-Knowledge Educational Theory Education
New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, Oxford, Wien, 2005. VI, 129 pp.

Biographical notes

Gail McNicol Jardine (Author)

The Author: Gail McNicol Jardine received her Ph.D. in educational contexts from the University of Calgary, where she is currently a Senior Instructor in the Faculty of Education. She is passionate about teaching and about engaging in inquiry and critique of the educational expectations, beliefs and practices she meets in teaching and learning. Her areas of interest include intercultural communication and education – particularly when Aboriginal student teachers are involved – the theory and practice of ecological and interpretive work in education, and environmental ethics.


Title: Foucault and Education Primer