Avalon Revisited

Reworkings of the Arthurian Myth

by María José Álvarez Faedo (Volume editor)
©2007 Edited Collection 274 Pages


This book contains a collection of essays dealing with different re-workings of the Arthurian myth. The papers trace the Arthurian myth, inquiring into its origins in Ancient Rome, and pointing out influences from the Dark Ages up to the present. Reference is made to oral tradition, visual narrative and iconic messages in manuscript illumination, the myth in medieval chivalry and the decay of the latter. Parallelisms are drawn with Christian figures and beliefs, with Irish literature and Gaelic mythology, and with novels and films.
The methodological approaches and points of view show great diversity: from an inquiry into the historical sources of the myth, to comparative literature, inter-textuality, feminist criticism, analysis of cinema up to a refreshing practical classroom exercise.


ISBN (Softcover)
Geschichte Artus Mythos Rezeption Aufsatzsammlung Arthurian myth King Arthur Cervantes, Miguel de Don Quijote Lord of the Rings Folklore study Ethnology study
Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2007. 274 pp.

Biographical notes

María José Álvarez Faedo (Volume editor)

The Editor: María José Álvarez-Faedo is Senior Lecturer at the University of Oviedo. She lectures on Medieval, Renaissance and Restoration English Literature mainly. She coordinates a research team on Comparative Studies at the University of Oviedo. She has participated in numerous conferences in Spain and abroad, published several articles, and three books. She has also contributed to The Compendium of Renaissance Drama (forthcoming 2007) edited by Brian Corrigan.


Title: Avalon Revisited