The University and the State

A Study into Global Transformations

by Marek Kwiek (Author)
Monographs 524 Pages
Series: Dia-Logos, Volume 7


This book argues that the current renegotiation of the postwar social contract concerning the welfare state in Europe is being accompanied by the renegotiation of a smaller-scale modern social pact between the university and the nation-state. Current transformations to the state under the pressures of globalization will not leave the university unaffected, and consequently it is useful to discuss the university and its future in the context of the state. In the new global order, against the odds, universities are striving to maintain their pivotal role in society. Their role as engines of economic growth and contributors to economic competitiveness between increasingly knowledge-driven economies is being widely acknowledged. But it is a radical reformulation of their traditional social roles. The main reasons for current transformations of the university include globalization pressures on nation-states and their public services, the end of the «Golden age» of the Keynesian welfare state, and the emergence of knowledge-based societies and knowledge-driven economies. Therefore the university can no longer be discussed solely in traditional, relatively self-contained disciplinary contexts. Here the university is seen from a variety of perspectives and through the lens of a wide range of disciplines (mainly educational sciences, political economy, sociology, political sciences, and philosophy).


ISBN (Book)
Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2006. 424 pp.

Biographical notes

Marek Kwiek (Author)

The Author: Marek Kwiek is professor in the Department of Philosophy and director of the Center for Public Policy at Poznań University, Poland. A philosopher, social scientist, and higher-education policy analyst, he has published numerous books, most recently The University, Globalization, Central Europe (2003) and Intellectuals, Power, and Knowledge (2004).


Title: The University and the State