Discursive Strategies in Multicultural Business Meetings-

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by Gina Poncini (Author)
©2007 Monographs 350 Pages
Series: Linguistic Insights, Volume 13


Winner of the Association for Business Communication Award for Distinguished Publication on Business Communication.
This book explores multiparty, multicultural interaction at international business meetings. It investigates discourse at an Italian company’s meetings of its international distributors, conducted mainly in English and attended by participants from different countries in Europe, Asia and North America. Data come from audio recordings of the meetings, normally lasting two to three days, and are supplemented by the author’s observations of the meetings. The study uses a series of approaches to analyze selected linguistic and interactional features, presenting an in-depth analysis and discussion of data extracts that draws on both qualitative and quantitative approaches. It highlights the way the main company speaker and some of the multilingual participants use discursive strategies to build common ground, to construct a cooperative business relationship or to negotiate or avert conflict. The study questions the role of cultural differences in approaching multicultural, multilingual meetings and argues that organizational roles, the business context and individual differences must also be considered.


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Konferenz Gesprächsführung Interkulturelles Verstehen Konversationsanalyse Success and failure /intercultural interaction Methodology /data collection Specialized lexis Evaulation in interchanges with distributors Methodology Evaluation Building consensus Intercultural interaction Multinationales Unternehmen
Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2004, 2007. 350 pp., num. tables

Biographical notes

Gina Poncini (Author)

The Author: Gina Poncini teaches English Business Communication at the University of Milan and Communication in Multilingual Business Contexts at the University of Lugano. Her research interests include business meetings, intercultural business communication, and tourism communication. She is currently Vice President Europe of the Association for Business Communication.


Title: Discursive Strategies in Multicultural Business Meetings-