The Impact of Hospitals


by John Henderson (Volume editor) Peregrine Horden (Volume editor) Alessandro Pastore (Volume editor)
©2008 Conference proceedings 426 Pages


This is the first wide-ranging collection of articles on the history of hospitals in the Mediterranean, northern Europe, and the Americas for over seventeen years. It brings together fully revised and expanded versions of papers from the first two conferences (1999 University of East Anglia, Norwich; 2001 Verona University) sponsored by the International Network for the History of Hospitals. The collection shows the vigour and variety of the latest scholarly research on these complex institutions. The sixteen contributions present a nuanced approach to the impact of hospitals on society over a very long time period and an exceptional geographical range.


ISBN (Softcover)
Hospital Architecture Krankenhaus Sozialgeschichte 300-2000 Norwich (1999) Hospital History Impact on Society Kongress
Oxford, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Wien, 2007. 426 pp., 27 ill.

Biographical notes

John Henderson (Volume editor) Peregrine Horden (Volume editor) Alessandro Pastore (Volume editor)

The Editors: John Henderson is Professor of Renaissance History at Birkbeck University of London. His major publications include: Piety and Charity in Late Medieval Florence (1994, 1997), The Great Pox: The French Disease in Renaissance Europe (with Jon Arrizabalaga and Roger French) (1997), and The Renaissance Hospital: Healing the Body and Healing the Soul (2006). Peregrine Horden is Professor of Medieval History at Royal Holloway University of London. He is co-author, with Nicholas Purcell, of The Corrupting Sea: A Study of Mediterranean History (2000), of which a sequel, Liquid Continents, is in preparation, and author of two forthcoming volumes: The Earliest Hospitals, and Hospitals and Healing from Antiquity to the Later Middle Ages. He edited Music as Medicine: The History of Music Therapy since Antiquity (2000). Alessandro Pastore is Professor of Early Modern History at the University of Verona. Among his recent books are: Il medico in tribunale. La perizia medica nella procedura penale d’antico regime, secoli XVI-XVIII (1998), Alpinismo e storia d’Italia. Dall’Unità alla Resistenza (2003), and Le regole dei corpi. Medicina e disciplina nell’Italia moderna (2006).


Title: The Impact of Hospitals