The First Liberian Civil War

The Crises of Underdevelopment

by George George Klay Kieh Jr. (Author)
Textbook XII, 211 Pages
Series: Society and Politics in Africa, Volume 17


This book challenges the dominant view that the first Liberian civil war was caused by ethno-cultural antagonisms between and among the country’s various ethnic groups. Alternatively, the book argues that the war was the consequence of the multifaceted crises of underdevelopment – cultural, economic, political, and social – generated by the neo-colonial Liberian State.


XII, 211
ISBN (Softcover)
New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, Oxford, Wien, 2008. XII, 211 pp.

Biographical notes

George George Klay Kieh Jr. (Author)

The Author: George Klay Kieh, Jr. is Professor of Political Science and African Studies at Grand Valley State University, Michigan, and Senior Fellow in the Program in Ethnic and Federal Studies at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Previously, he served as Dean of International Affairs at Grand Valley State University and Chair of the Department of Political Science at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. His research interests are in the areas of peace and conflict studies, security studies, African politics, American foreign policy, political economy, and international cooperation. He has published extensively on issues relating to these interests.


Title: The First Liberian Civil War