Landscapes of Exile

Once Perilous, Now Safe

by Anna Haebich (Volume editor) Baden Offord (Volume editor)
©2008 Conference proceedings 273 Pages


Inspired by the international conference ‘Landscapes of Exile: Once Perilous, Now Safe’ held in Australia in 2006, this book examines the experience and nature of exile – one of the most powerful and recurrent themes of the human condition. In response to the central question posed of how the experience of exile has impacted on society and culture, this book offers a rich collection of essays. Through a kaleidoscope of views on the metaphorical, spatial, imaginative, reflective and experiential nature of exile, it investigates a diverse range of landscapes of belonging and exclusion – social, cultural, legal, poetic, literary, indigenous, political – that confront humanity. At the very heart of landscapes of exile is the irony of history, and therefore of identity and home. Who is now safe and who is not? What was perilous? Who now is in peril? What does it mean to belong? This book provides key examinations of these questions.


ISBN (Softcover)
Exil Fremdheit Identität Kongress 2006 Exile Exclusion Poetry History Indigenous
Oxford, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Wien, 2008. X, 273 pp., 1 ill.

Biographical notes

Anna Haebich (Volume editor) Baden Offord (Volume editor)

The Editors: Anna Haebich is Co-Director of the Centre for Public Culture and Ideas, an Australia Research Council QEII Fellow and UNESCO Orbicom Chair at Griffith University in Brisbane Australia. Baden Offord teaches in the School of Arts and Social Sciences, and is Co-Director of the Centre for Peace and Social Justice at Southern Cross University, Australia.


Title: Landscapes of Exile