Gender and Citizenship in a Multicultural Context

by Elzbieta Oleksy (Volume editor) Andrea Petö (Volume editor) Berteke Waaldijk (Volume editor)
©2008 Conference proceedings 290 Pages


The articles in this book share a dedication to broadening and stretching the scholarly field of feminist citizenship studies and invite the reader to reflect on the many different ways citizenship is formed in contemporary Europe. They do so by stretching the concept of citizenship itself, going beyond legalistic definitions, and by asking new questions about the ways in which citizenship is constructed, the entitlements to benefits, and to social and political participation, how cultures of knowledge allow participation and how inclusion and exclusion can be represented. In all cases «gender» is one of the categories that allow a deeper insight and a better perception of the way the ideals of citizenship have helped people to overcome exclusion. As the articles show, access to citizenship differs from context to context. Citizenship is never only a legal status: it has to do with cultural diversity, with recognition of difference, with access to professions and hierarchies on the labour market, not least in universities with traditions in political as well as visual representation. The collection is an introduction to new research in the field of European gender studies.


ISBN (Softcover)
Europa Geschlechterrolle Migration Aufsatzsammlung Gender study Representation Science
Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2008. 290 pp.

Biographical notes

Elzbieta Oleksy (Volume editor) Andrea Petö (Volume editor) Berteke Waaldijk (Volume editor)

The Editors: Elżbieta H. Oleksy is Professor of Humanities at the University of Łódź and the University of Warsaw in Poland. She is Founding Director of Women’s Studies Centre at University of Łódź. Her research and teaching focus on cultural studies. Andrea Petö is a historian. She is Associate Professor at the Department of Gender Studies at the Central European University and Associate Professor at the University of Miskolc (Hungary), where she directs the Equal Opportunity and Gender Studies Center. Berteke Waaldijk is a historian. She is Professor of Language and Culture Studies at Utrecht University (the Netherlands). She is the academic coordinator of ATHENA3, Advanced Thematic Network in European Women’s Studies, an EU-sponsored network for Women’s Studies.


Title: Gender and Citizenship in a Multicultural Context