Reinventing Art of Everyday Making

by Terttu Tuomi-Gröhn (Volume editor)
©2008 Edited Collection II, 284 Pages


The word ‘everyday‘ is usually loaded with decidedly negative connotations. However, domestic everyday activities are not merely routine work, but also include complex, demanding tasks to solve. Even though everyday problem solving does not necessarily follow logical pathways, it is sensible and effective in handling practical problems. The studies presented in this book explore domestic everyday making, in terms of the kinds of cognitive, social, and practical tasks being faced and the types of skills needed in solving these tasks. The studies also illustrate the different research strategies appropriate to the investigation of the art and skills of domestic everyday making. The target audience of this book includes researchers and students of family and consumer studies, home economics and craft sciences, cultural studies and sociology. Because of the twofold aim of the book, it can be used as a textbook for both content as well as methodological studies.


II, 284
ISBN (Softcover)
Aufsatzsammlung Craft sciences Hauswirtschaft Everyday life Home economics Skills Socio-cultural studies
Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2008. II, 284 pp., num. fig. and tables

Biographical notes

Terttu Tuomi-Gröhn (Volume editor)

The Editor: Terttu Tuomi-Gröhn is professor of home economics education in the University of Helsinki (Finland). She has been interested in analyzing learning opportunities emerging in the transitional zones between educational institutions and workplaces.


Title: Reinventing Art of Everyday Making