Notions of Community

A Collection of Community Media Debates and Dilemmas

by Janey Gordon (Volume editor)
©2009 Conference proceedings 310 Pages


This volume gets beyond simple descriptions of the values and processes involved in community media and is deliberately seeking argument and structured debate around the issues of this vibrant sector of the media. The contributors examine the dilemmas that have emerged within this sector and provide an incisive overview. The chapters use case studies and data research to illustrate the major debates facing community media, along with a sideways look at the dilemmas that community media practitioners and their audiences must engage with.
This collection provides an international perspective and covers the traditional formats as well as newer media technologies. It also gives some intriguing examples of community media, which get beyond simple good practices.


ISBN (Softcover)
Media Technology Good Practice Community Media Audience Debates
Oxford, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Wien, 2009. 310 pp., 5 ill.

Biographical notes

Janey Gordon (Volume editor)

The Editor: Janey Gordon is a Principal Lecturer in the Institute of Media and the Creative and Performing Arts at the University of Bedfordshire. She teaches radio broadcasting and her research interests are in the areas of community radio, mobile phones and media pedagogy. She is the author of The RSL: Ultra Local Radio (2000) and has published on community radio and mobile telephony and edited a themed edition of the journal Convergence, on mobile phones (2005). She has a background as a professional radio broadcaster.


Title: Notions of Community