A Protestant Theology of Religious Pluralism

by Livingstone Thompson (Author)
©2009 Monographs XVIII, 395 Pages


In this book three main things have been accomplished. First, it locates the emergence of religious pluralism as a problem for Christian theology. Secondly, it shows the critical weaknesses in the approaches to pluralism that we find in the works of Gavin D’Costa, George Lindbeck and John Hick, all major players in the field of religious pluralism. Retrieving theological material from seventeenth-century Comenius and eighteenth-century Zinzendorf, the book shows that the Protestant tradition has suitable theological material that can better serve the development of a theology of religious pluralism. Thirdly, the book enters into dialogue with Islam and highlights exciting new approaches to addressing the issues of salvation, the Qur’an and Christology. One critical outcome of the book is that it breaks new ground in showing the limitations of liberation theology and proposes a fascinating, new, pluralism-sensitive hermeneutical approach to contextual theology.


XVIII, 395
ISBN (Softcover)
Trinitarian approach Qur'an and Christology Gavin D'Costa George Lindbeck
Oxford, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Wien, 2009. XVIII, 395 pp., 1 table

Biographical notes

Livingstone Thompson (Author)

The Author: Livingstone Thompson lectures in world religions at Trinity College and St Patrick’s College, Dublin, Republic of Ireland. An ordained minister and former president of the executive board of the Moravian Church in Jamaica, he is author of A Formula for Conversation: Christians and Muslims in Dialogue.


Title: A Protestant Theology of Religious Pluralism