Building Anticipation of Restructuring in Europe

by Marie-Ange Moreau (Volume editor) Serafino Negrelli (Volume editor) Philippe Pochet (Volume editor)
©2009 Monographs 438 Pages


This book presents a new and stimulating analysis of restructuring by developing a European perspective. Developing the capacity to anticipate change is a complex dynamic, involving the global strategies of firms, and the capacity of the actors at enterprise and territorial levels. The book provides a clear analysis of the capacity of the actors, through different models of industrial relations and corporate governance, to intervene in the process of restructuring. It identifies the conditions of anticipation and the need to better articulate European policies. The research also shows the need to adopt a multilevel and multiplayer approach in order to adapt to the new strategies of the firms. The multidisciplinary approach of the research underlines different perspectives: the political challenges of the European Union, the legal and social implications related to the employees’ representatives, trade unions and European works councils, and the sociological dimension in the process of restructuring and of anticipation. The aim is to develop a multilevel and multiactor analysis and to propose guidelines for actions at European level.


ISBN (Softcover)
Nouvelle approche de la restructuration dans l'Union Européenne Les conditions et les attentes au travers des défis liés aux stratégies économiques mondiales des sociétés La participation des acteurs locaux dans les entreprises et les territoires
Bruxelles, Bern, Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2009. 438 pp., 20 fig.

Biographical notes

Marie-Ange Moreau (Volume editor) Serafino Negrelli (Volume editor) Philippe Pochet (Volume editor)

The Editors: Marie-Ange Moreau is Professor at the Law Department (European Social Law Chair) of the European University Institute (Florence) and Professeure agrégée from the University Paul Cezanne (Aix-Marseille, France). She is a founding member of the CRIMT (Centre de recherche interuniversitaire sur la mondialisation et le travail, Montreal). Her research and publications focus on the interactions between globalisation and labour law, especially in their European and international dimensions. She was the scientific coordinator of the project AgirE on Restructurings in Europe. She is the author of Normes sociales, droit du travail et mondialisation (2006). Serafino Negrelli is Professor of Sociology of Work and Economic Processes at the University of Milano Bicocca. He has been involved in many international research projects analysing the social consequences of globalisation. Recent publications include: «The territorial pacts in Italy: the competitive corporatism assumption in question», in R. Salais, R. Villeneuve (eds.), Europe and the Politics of Capabilities (2004); «Change in contemporary Italy’s social concertation» (with Valeria Pulignano), in Industrial Relations Journal (Vol. 39, 1, 2008); Sociologia del lavoro (2009, 3rd edition). Philippe Pochet is the former Director of the Observatoire social européen, and since March 2008 General Director of the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI). He teaches at the Catholic University of Louvain, is the author of a large number of publications on European policies and European governance, and is member of the CRIMT (Centre de recherche interuniversitaire sur la mondialisation et le travail).


Title: Building Anticipation of Restructuring in Europe