Critical Literacy in Early Childhood Education

Artful Story and the Integrated Curriculum

by Elizabeth P. Quintero (Author)
©2009 Textbook X, 195 Pages
Series: Rethinking Childhood, Volume 44


This book documents a qualitative study involving various groups of teacher education students and practicing teachers. The study encompassed learners’ multiple languages and recognized ways that multiple knowledge sources, identities, and language forms can contribute to the formation of new relationships, new knowledge, and new meanings. Integrating all the traditional content areas of study, the arts, and new forms of cross-disciplinary ways of knowing, a curriculum is framed around critical literacy, with its underlying elements of participation by all, respect for multiple sources of knowledge, and the responsibility of transformative action. The book uses illustrative case studies to present the research involved, and to identify the aspects of critical theory and the themes and implications that emerged from this participatory, learner-driven curriculum.


X, 195
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Early Childhood Curriculum Story Critical Literacy Critical Theory
New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, Oxford, Wien, 2009. X, 195 pp., num. ill.

Biographical notes

Elizabeth P. Quintero (Author)

The Author: Elizabeth P. Quintero, Ed.D., has been involved with education programs across the United States and in several countries as a teacher, research scholar, and curriculum specialist with programs that serve families in multilingual communities representing a variety of cultural and historical backgrounds. She is Professor of Education at California State University, Channel Islands. Her recent publications include: «Children Using Story to Connect with Others» in Educação’s themed issue on multiculturalism and education; «In a World of Migration: Rethinking Literacy, Language, and Learning Texts in Contexts» in the Journal of Educational Media, Memory, and Society, and Problem-posing with Multicultural Children’s Literature: Developing Critical Early Childhood Curricula.


Title: Critical Literacy in Early Childhood Education