Francophone Women

Between Visibility and Invisibility

by Cybelle H. McFadden (Volume editor) Sandrine Teixidor (Volume editor)
©2010 Monographs XIV, 146 Pages


Francophone Women: Between Visibility and Invisibility underscores the writing of authors who foreground the female body and who write across geographical borders, as part of a global literary movement that has the French language as its common denominator. This edited collection exposes how female authors portray the tensions that exist between visibility and invisibility, public and private, presence and absence, and excess and restraint when it is linked to femininity and the female body.

Biographical notes

Cybelle H. McFadden (Volume editor) Sandrine Teixidor (Volume editor)

The Editors: Cybelle H. McFadden received her Ph.D. from Duke University. She currently is Assistant Professor of French and is also a member of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program faculty at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She has published numerous articles and is preparing a monograph, Entering into the Video: Self-Representation, Reflexivity, and Contemporary French Female Filmmakers. Her research and teaching interests include: contemporary French and Francophone film, video, visual art, and literature; twentieth-century French women’s film and literature; feminist theory; film theory; and French and Francophone cultures. Sandrine F. Teixidor is Assistant Professor of French studies at Randolph-Macon College in Virginia. She received her Ph.D. in French literature from Duke University and has conducted research on regional (Breton and Alsatian) and North African Literature. Some of her most recent publications include «Rethinking the Limits; Benmalek and Mokeddem’s Vision of Twentieth-Century Algeria» in Contemporary French and Francophone Studies (2009) and «Nina Bouraoui, a Feminine Modern Voice in the Middle East», in Biographical Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East and North Africa (2007). Her research focuses on Francophone and Middle Eastern literatures and cinema, but her interests also include French Canadian literature, regionalism, contemporary French politics, and French business.


Title: Francophone Women