Understanding Traditional Chinese Medicine

Consultant: Lena Springer

by Friedrich G. Wallner (Volume editor) Gertrude Kubiena (Volume editor) Martin J. Jandl (Volume editor)
©2009 Edited Collection 140 Pages
Series: Culture and Knowledge, Volume 10


This volume presents texts written by Austrian and Chinese experts in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The issue the authors worked on is the basic problem how to make a different system of medical thinking plausible for the Western world, especially for Western medicine. This issue is considered from different viewpoints – from the viewpoint of Western medicine that is familiar with Chinese medicine and contrariwise from the viewpoint of Chinese Medicine that is familiar with its Western counterpart and from a philosophical viewpoint. In this way both differences in the theoretical systems of Western and Chinese medicine and problems of adequate translation are profundly discussed.


ISBN (Softcover)
Traditional Chinese Medicine Intercultural Philosophy Philosophy of Science
Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2009. 140 pp., 3 tables

Biographical notes

Friedrich G. Wallner (Volume editor) Gertrude Kubiena (Volume editor) Martin J. Jandl (Volume editor)

The Editors: Friedrich G. Wallner is university professor for philosophy of science since 1987. His main research is focused on intercultural philosophy of science and the comparison of different scientific world views, especially TCM and Western medicine. Gertrude Kubiena is MD and M.Phil, (sinology). She presides MedChin - an association for Chinese healthcare and qualified TCM education in Austria. She focuses on making TCM understandable, facilitating teaching and learning TCM. Martin J. Jandl studied psychology, philosophy and history of arts. He lives and works in Vienna.


Title: Understanding Traditional Chinese Medicine