Shen, Psychotherapy, and Acupuncture

Theory, Methodology and Structure of Chinese Medicine

by Fengli Lan (Volume editor) Friedrich G. Wallner (Volume editor) Claudia Wobovnik (Volume editor)
Edited Collection X, 384 Pages
Series: Culture and Knowledge, Volume 19


Psychotherapy and Chinese Medicine both leave the European Mindset serves as the guiding idea for this volume. It presents papers by leading experts in Chinese Medicine of different countries. They clarify Shen and its related concepts, elucidate the psychotherapy of Chinese Medicine, discuss Chinese medical treatments for mental diseases, argue the rationality of acupuncture, interpret Chinese Medicine, and discuss how to modernize Chinese Medicine in the right way. The range of research presented in this volume includes interdisciplinary perspectives of the philosophy of science, the genesis of fundamental theories, modern research, the history of medicine, linguistic philosophy, philological studies, and clinical practice in profound approaches. The main goal is to make Chinese Medicine more understandable for the European cultural and scientific discourse.


X, 384
ISBN (Hardcover)
Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2011. X, 384 pp., num. fig. and tables

Biographical notes

Fengli Lan (Volume editor) Friedrich G. Wallner (Volume editor) Claudia Wobovnik (Volume editor)

Fengli Lan is associate professor for Applied Linguistics and Chinese Medicine at the Foreign Language Teaching Centre at the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her research fields include Chinese Medicine, Applied Linguistics, and the Philosophy of Science, especially Intercultural and Translation Studies on Chinese Medicine. Friedrich G. Wallner is university professor for the Philosophy of Science at the University of Vienna. His research is focused on the Intercultural Philosophy of Science, especially on the comparison between Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine. Claudia Wobovnik is student of Philosophy, Psychology, Education, and English (teacher training programme) at the University of Vienna. She has focused her study on the fields of Ethics, Cultural Studies, and the Philosophy of Science, in particular the Intercultural Philosophy of Science.


Title: Shen, Psychotherapy, and Acupuncture