Retelling the Bible

Literary, Historical, and Social Contexts

by Lucie Dolezalová (Volume editor) Tamás Visi (Volume editor)
Conference proceedings 460 Pages


This book presents a collection of case studies of biblical retellings in various contexts. Every section starts with an introduction presenting a brief overview of the field, the issues treated, as well as the nature and directions of contemporary scholarly discourse. After a detailed general introduction defining the Bible itself and the concept of retelling, the notion of Apocrypha is readdressed, particularly analyzing the way they are composed. Then follow the sections Translation and Interpretation from Jerome to the Post-Holocaust period, Preaching and Teaching the Bible in the Middle Ages through the Enlightenment, Biblical Characters as Models in medieval hagiography, Biblical Poetry from Late Antiquity to Bruce Springsteen, and finally the retelling strategies and challenges of Children’s Bibles and a brief treatment of retelling Beyond the Text.


ISBN (Hardcover)
Bible reception apocrypha literary history exegesis
Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2011. 459 pp., 8 fig., num. tables

Biographical notes

Lucie Dolezalová (Volume editor) Tamás Visi (Volume editor)

Lucie Doležalová is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Humanities and at the Faculty of Arts, both Charles University, in Prague (Czech Republic). Her fields of interest are Medieval Latin literature and manuscript transmission, concentrating on obscure but widely diffused texts. Tamás Visi works as an Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies at the Faculty of Arts at Palacky University, in Olomouc, and specializes in medieval and early modern Jewish philosophy and intellectual life and the investigation of Hebrew fragments.


Title: Retelling the Bible