Iraq War Cultures

by Cynthia Fuchs (Volume editor) Joe Lockard (Volume editor)
Textbook XIV, 203 Pages


The Iraq war has produced profound changes within the United States, changes manifested by popular discontent with the war. On one hand, U.S. culture finds its own ideological reflection in the Iraq war; on the other hand, U.S. media repeatedly critique the social and political forces that produce the war. These multiple and contradictory assessments have been characterized by intensified imagery and narratives, an escalation that is in part a function of the new communications technologies used to generate them. This book examines the images and stories emerging from the Iraq war, from video games that retell its battles, the representations of Arab people in American film history, and U.S. war documentaries, to parody and memoir and photographs from Abu Ghraib.


XIV, 203
ISBN (Book)
New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, Oxford, Wien, 2011. XIV, 203 pp., 1 table

Biographical notes

Cynthia Fuchs (Volume editor) Joe Lockard (Volume editor)

Cynthia Fuchs is Director of Film & Media Studies at George Mason University, as well as Associate Professor of English, African & African American Studies, and Film & Video Studies, with a focus on documentary. She is Film-TV Editor at PopMatters.com. Joe Lochard is Associate Professor of English at Arizona State University. He teaches American literature and specializes in the literature of U.S. slavery. He directs the Antislavery Literature Project.


Title: Iraq War Cultures