Regenerating the Philosophy of Education

What Happened to Soul?- Introduction by Shirley R. Steinberg

by Shirley Steinberg (Volume editor) Randall Hewitt (Volume editor)
Textbook XII, 245 Pages
Series: Counterpoints , Volume 352


In this volume, Joe L. Kincheloe and Randall Hewitt have gathered an impressive and scholarly group of authors who argue for the continuing importance of the philosophy of education. Reviving the notion that philosophy is an essential foundation in the study and research of education, contributors to this volume directly confront the evisceration of the topic by those who are interested in commercializing learning. Contrary to the current shift away from foundations courses, this volume proves that pre-service teachers need an intense awareness of the subjects that comprise the core of their knowledge. Philosophy of education is central to this concept. Regenerating the Philosophy of Education is an excellent classroom resource, and is essential reading for all undergraduate and graduate students in schools of education.


XII, 245
ISBN (Book)
New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, Oxford, Wien, 2011. XII, 245 pp.

Biographical notes

Shirley Steinberg (Volume editor) Randall Hewitt (Volume editor)

Joe L. Kincheloe (1950-2008) was the author of over 55 books and hundreds of articles. His most recent book was Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy. His research/teaching involved devising and engaging students in new, more intellectually rigorous and socially just ways of analyzing and researching education. He developed an evolving notion of criticality that constructed innovative ways to cultivate the intellect as it worked in anti-oppressive and affectively engaging ways. With Shirley R. Steinberg, Joe founded the Paulo and Nita Freire International Project for Critical Pedagogy, which aims to improve the contribution that education makes to social justice and the democratic quality of people’s lives. Randall Hewitt is Associate Professor in the School of Teaching, Learning, and Leadership at the University of Central Florida. Hewitt’s current research focuses on the critical sense of the American pragmatist, social reconstructionist traditions, and on the art of democratic pedagogy. He is the author of Dewey and Power: Renewing the Democratic Faith.


Title: Regenerating the Philosophy of Education