The Road to Self-Revival

Sufism, Heritage, Intertextuality and Meta-Poetry in Modern Arabic Poetry

by Jamal Assadi (Author) Mahmud Na'amneh (Author)
©2011 Monographs X, 133 Pages


With the rise of the various intellectual streams in the Western world in the second half of the twentieth century, modern Arab poets recognized the need to promote the Arabic poem. They knew that the road of self exploration and promotion begins in the ancestral legacy. The Road to Self-Revival explores the tendency of modern Arabic poetry to summon Sufi figures, thinking, philosophy, terms, attitudes and practices. Specifically, this volume focuses on the poetry of four Arab modernists: Abdul Wahab al-Bayyati (1926-1999), Ali Ahmad Said known as Adonis (1930-), Salah Abdu-s-Sabur (1931-1981) and Mahmud Darwish (1941-2008). The book traces a number of Sufi figures in the poetry of these poets: Bishr ibnul-Ḥārith Al-Ḥāfī (767-840), Al-Ḥusain Ben Mansūr Al-Ḥallāj (858-922), Farīd ed-Dīn Al-‘Aṭṭār (1145/46-1221), Muḥyī ed-Dīn bnul-‘Arabī (1165-1240) and Jalāl ad-Dīn Moḥammad Rūmī (1207-1273).


X, 133
ISBN (Hardcover)
Masks Sufism Religion Philosophy Criticism Intertextuality Modern Arab Poetry
New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, Oxford, Wien, 2011. X, 133 pp.

Biographical notes

Jamal Assadi (Author) Mahmud Na'amneh (Author)

Jamal Assadi is the Chair of the Department of English at The College of Sakhnin for Teacher Education, Sakhnin and a lecturer at An-Najah National University, Nablus. He received his PhD in English literature from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne in England. In addition to numerous articles in professional journals, Dr. Assadi is the author of Acting, Rhetoric and Interpretation in Selected Novels by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Saul Bellow (2006), A Distant Drummer: Foreign Perspectives on F. Scott Fitzgerald (2007), Mohammad Ali Taha’s «A Rose To Hafeeza’s Eyes» and Other Stories (2008), Father and Son: Selected Short Fiction by Hanna Ibrahim Elias and Mohammad Ali Saeid (2009) and Mustafa Murrar: «The Internal Pages» and Other Stories (2010). Mahmud Na‘amneh is a lecturer of Arabic at the College of Sakhnin, Israel, a researcher at the Majm a‘ of Arabic in Haifa and a coordinator of symposiums for graduate students in the Department of Arabic at Tel Aviv University, where he did his PhD on ancient myths and their manifestation in modern Arabic poetry.


Title: The Road to Self-Revival