Writing on the Bus

Using Athletic Team Notebooks and Journals to Advance Learning and Performance in Sports- Published in cooperation with the National Writing Project

by Richard Kent (Author)
©2012 Textbook XVI, 196 Pages


Writing on the Bus showcases the what, how, and why of using athletic team notebooks and journals. The book guides coaches and athletes, from elementary school through college, in analyzing games while thinking deeply about motivation, goal setting, and communication in order to optimize performance. Filled with lesson plans, writing activities, and step-by-step guidance, Writing on the Bus includes stories and examples from teams and athletes at all levels of sport. This book will work well as a supplemental text for college courses in the fields of coaching, kinesiology, and physical education.


XVI, 196
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New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, Oxford, Wien, 2012. XVI, 196 pp., num. ill.

Biographical notes

Richard Kent (Author)

Richard Kent is the director of the Maine Writing Project, a site of the National Writing Project, and an associate professor at the University of Maine. He is the author of numerous books including A Guide to Creating Student-Staffed Writing Centers, Grades 6-12, the 2006 Book of the Year from the International Writing Centers Association. He is a coach as well as a consultant to athletes, teams, and sports academies. He was Maine’s 1993 Teacher of the Year and a 1994 National Educator Award recipient.


Title: Writing on the Bus