Covering America’s Courts

A Clash of Rights

by Toni Locy (Author)
©2013 Textbook XIV, 206 Pages


America is a nation obsessed with crime and the law. We are devoted viewers of Law and Order and CSI. When we slip and fall in the grocery store, we sue. When we cannot agree on what society should value, we turn to the courts to solve our moral conundrums. The law has permeated American life so thoroughly that knowledge of the courts and legal principles is essential for all reporters, whether they want to cover sports, business, entertainment, or politics.
With a specific, thorough, and practical approach, this text is an engaging and accessible introduction to the American court system, its players, language, and impact on the public. Written by a veteran court reporter, the book provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge for covering this beat, including:
• How to cover the courts and the law accurately, fairly, and with healthy skepticism;
• How to find stories in the courts and how to read legal documents and make sense of them;
• A discussion of the advances in technology that are changing the way stories are reported and delivered, as well as how to access electronic information maintained by the courts;
• Concrete examples, provided throughout the text, of what it is like to cover courts.
A valuable resource, Covering America’s Courts provides students, bloggers, and citizen journalists with the foundation they need to walk into a courthouse anywhere in the country and report fairly, clearly, and ethically about criminal and civil cases.


XIV, 206
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New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, Oxford, Wien, 2013. XIV, 206 pp., num. fig.

Biographical notes

Toni Locy (Author)

Toni Locy is the Donald W. Reynolds Professor of Legal Reporting at Washington and Lee University. She is uniquely qualified to write this text, having spent 25 years as a journalist covering courts for some of the nation’s biggest and best news organizations, including the Washington Post, Boston Globe, USA Today, and the Associated Press. During this time, she covered the 9/11 attacks, was one of three reporters to break the first published story about the independent counsel’s investigation into President Bill Clinton’s relationship with Monica Lewinsky, and was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for a four-part series that she reported and wrote about the Boston Police Department’s inability to solve serious crimes.


Title: Covering America’s Courts