The Moral Debate on Special Education

by Bernardo E. Pohl (Author)
©2013 Textbook 171 Pages
Series: Counterpoints, Volume 444


The fusion of critical pedagogy, holistic (moral) education, and disability studies continues to be uncharted waters and, in some academic venues, a hotly contested topic. A discourse advocating for a liberating pedagogy for the disabled is still absent. Based on critical and moral pedagogy, The Moral Debate on Special Education is the self-narrative of a disabled special education teacher who is searching for the answers and spaces where this dialogue and narrative can take place. What started as mere research for social justice in education has morphed, unintentionally, into the moral quest for justice and equality in special education. Celebrating the legacy of Paulo Freire, Joe L. Kincheloe, Shirley Steinberg, David Purpel, Peter McLaren, Cameron White, Michael Connelly, Jean Clandinin, and other contemporaries, Bernardo E. Pohl, Jr. delves into the tensions, promises, and challenges of special education from the unique perspective of a disabled educator.


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disability studies social justice equality critical pedagogy
New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, Oxford, Wien, 2013. 171 pp.

Biographical notes

Bernardo E. Pohl (Author)

Bernardo E. Pohl, Jr. (Doctorate of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Houston-Main in Texas) has taught secondary social studies and special education for the past nine years and lectures on education methodology at the university level. He is the author of «The Moral Crisis in Special Education: Redefining The Social Model of Disability» in Journeys in Social Education (C.S. White, Ed., 2010) and «Voices of Empowerment» (2008) published in The English Record.


Title: The Moral Debate on Special Education