Going Inward

The Role of Cultural Introspection in College Teaching

by Susan Diana Longerbeam (Volume editor) Alicia Fedelina Chávez (Volume editor)
©2016 Textbook XI, 226 Pages
Series: Higher Ed, Volume 24


Going Inward is a pragmatic text for faculty in all disciplines who desire to deepen their reflection on teaching. Through the culturally introspective writings of faculty in a variety of academic disciplines, readers will gain a deeper understanding of faculty cultural influences on college teaching and student learning. This book introduces readers to cultural self-reflection as a powerful tool for insight into how our values and beliefs from our cultural and familial upbringing influence our teaching practice. Cultural self-reflection is a process for generating insights and empathy toward serving students from backgrounds and cultures both similar to and different from one’s own. The integrated design of the book’s three parts – cultural introspection, faculty culture and teaching autobiographies, and developing a culturally introspective practice – makes this book helpful to teaching faculty and academic administrators.


XI, 226
ISBN (Hardcover)
Reflection on teaching College teaching student learning Cultural self-reflection Influence of cultural aspects to teaching practice
New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, Oxford, Wien, 2016. XI, 226 pp., num. b/w ill.

Biographical notes

Susan Diana Longerbeam (Volume editor) Alicia Fedelina Chávez (Volume editor)

Susan Diana Longerbeam (PhD, college student personnel, University of Maryland) is Associate Professor in the Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology, Counseling, and College Student Personnel at the University of Louisville. Dr. Longerbeam publishes in culture and college teaching, campus climate, and student success in higher education. Alicia Fedelina Chávez (PhD, higher education/policy studies, University of Arizona) is Associate Professor in the Department of Teacher Education, Educational Leadership and Policy at the University of New Mexico. Dr. Chávez publishes in culture and college teaching as well as on identity and leadership.


Title: Going Inward