Intercultural Issues and Concepts

A Multi-Disciplinary Glossary

by Maddalena Colombo (Volume editor) Guia Gilardoni (Volume editor)
Edited Collection 310 Pages


Why an intercultural glossary today? How does interculturalism deal with the cultural shifts led by the resurgence of populism in Europe leading towards increasingly close-minded and selfish attitudes? Are the social sciences helpful in the implementation of an intercultural approach? How to teach students the fundamentals of interculturalism? Over the last years, the fierce populisms raising around Europe has been a strong enemy of interculturalism which grow weaker in front of the simplest solutions provided by intolerance and racism. Social sciences provide strong concepts to be grounded in social policy, urban administration, education, and interreligious dialogue. Drawing from sociology, psychology, history, philosophy, education, human geography, and international law, the book offers a list of 18 «middle-range concepts»– as social integration, migration governance, cultural identity, participation, citizenship, reflexivity, resilience - and «thematic issues», like overcoming racism, revitalising urban periphery, and human rights enforcement. Each entry includes elements of reflection for the development of practices and projects coping with major societal challenges in the extra-academic areas. The book, written by a multi-national pool of European academic lectures, is meant to facilitate all actors committed to the building of a more inclusive society.


ISBN (Book)
Publication date
2021 (October)
Bruxelles, Berlin, Bern, New York, Oxford, Warszawa, Wien, 2021. 310 pp., 5 tables

Biographical notes

Maddalena Colombo (Volume editor) Guia Gilardoni (Volume editor)

Maddalena Colombo is Full Professor in Sociology of Cultural and Communicative processes at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan. She is the Director of the CIRMiB (Centre of Initiatives and research on Migration –Brescia) and has coordinated the Jean Monnet Module IDEAL -Intercultural Dialogue in Europe and Active poLicies. Guia Gilardoni has a research scholarship at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan and is an international research project manager at ISMU Foundation.


Title: Intercultural Issues and Concepts