The Navajo Progressive in Discourse

A Study in Temporal Semantics

by Sally Midgette (Author)
Others XIV, 252 Pages
Series: History and Language, Volume 6


This study examines the question of how linguistic categories may influence thinking, with respect to the perception of time. Investigating the verb system of Navajo, the author determines that the notion of aspect is crucial; she describes one category, the Progressive, as it is used in various types of discourse. She concludes that, as studies of color terms and perception have shown, no direct link can be established between language categories and ways of perceiving the world, and yet there exist «idealized cognitive models» which suggest important differences between linguistic groups.


XIV, 252
ISBN (Hardcover)
New York, Bern, Berlin, Frankfurt/M., Paris, Wien, 1995. XIV, 252 pp.

Biographical notes

Sally Midgette (Author)

The Author: Sally Midgette is an adjunct professor of Linguistics at the University of New Mexico, having received her doctorate from there in 1987. She assisted Robert Young and William Morgan with the Analytical Lexicon of Navajo (1991), and has published an article on tense and aspect in the Journal of Navajo Education. Dr. Midgette has also presented numerous papers at linguistic conferences.


Title: The Navajo Progressive in Discourse