A Mosaic of Corpus Linguistics

Selected Approaches

by Aquilinio Sánchez Pérez (Volume editor) Moisés Almela Sánchez (Volume editor)
Conference proceedings VI, 291 Pages

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The growth experienced by Corpus Linguistics over the last two decades has complicated the definition of the discipline. There is at present no consensus as to what corpus linguistics exactly is. Is it a methodology, a theoretical framework, a research paradigm? The goal of this book is multi-purpose. It provides material for a discussion of the notion of «corpus linguistics», an overt discussion of the limits of this discipline and a comparison of some of the main approaches. And at the same time it offers a collection of selected papers representative of a range of approaches and applications associated with corpus research.


VI, 291
ISBN (Hardcover)
Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2010. VI, 291 pp., num. tables and graphs

Biographical notes

Aquilinio Sánchez Pérez (Volume editor) Moisés Almela Sánchez (Volume editor)

Aquilino Sánchez (full professor) and Moisés Almela (assistant professor) are members of the LACELL research group at the English Department, University of Murcia (Spain). The areas covered by LACELL include corpus linguistics, lexicology and lexicography, and foreign language teaching and learning.


Title: A Mosaic of Corpus Linguistics