Deep Ecology, Business Ethics and Personal Responsibility

Selected Papers (1988 – 2020)

by Knut Johannessen Ims (Author)
Monographs V, 625 Pages
Series: Frontiers of Business Ethics, Volume 13

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How can businesses and business leaders contribute to solutions of the big ethical, social, and ecological challenges of today? Within this context this book offers theoretical and practical approaches to making the world a better place for existing and future generations. It uses diverse, often multidimensional frames of reference and illustrates them with real-life cases to show positive solutions.
The author’s broad professional background and humanistic worldview are reflected in his application of psychological and virtue-oriented theories as well as philosophical approaches. Some of the articles have an essay format, others share his experiences and experiments in his ethics classes using roleplays to cultivate empathic and prudent ethical behaviour.
A primary motivation of the book is to inspire leaders as well as teachers and students of leadership and business by enriching their worldviews to see ethics as a fundamental aspect at all levels of economic activity.


V, 625
ISBN (Hardcover)
Publication date
2022 (March)
Ethics Business Education Deep Ecology, Business Ethics and Personal Responsibility Knut J. Ims
Oxford, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, New York, Wien, 2022.

Biographical notes

Knut Johannessen Ims (Author)

Knut J. Ims is Professor of Business Ethics at the Department of Strategy and Management at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). He has post-graduate degrees from NHH and a PhD in Economics from Gothenburg University, Sweden. He has been a visiting scholar at a number of universities in different parts of the world and presented his research at numerous international conferences from Hawaii to Bhutan. He has been a member of the Business Ethics Faculty Group of the CEMS – The Global Alliance in Management Education, and fellow of the European SPES Institute. He has taught courses at PhD level at NHH from 1983, and courses at MBA level and CEMS seminars throughout Europe from 2001. He has published a number of books, book chapters and articles in international journals.


Title: Deep Ecology, Business Ethics and Personal Responsibility