Language and Power in Discourses of Conflict

by Marina Scharlaj (Volume editor)
Edited Collection 346 Pages
Series: Specimina philologiae Slavicae, Volume 200


The given volume provides insight into the integrated cooperation that was built in the trilateral scientific project "Aggression and Argumentation. Discourses of Conflict and their Linguistic Negotiation". Presented here are analyses of the relationship of language and power, the interplay of aggression and argumentation, as well as of cooperation and conflict. The Russian-Ukrainian conflict is an important, but not the only starting point for the analytical reflections, that are enriched through research on further conflict situations in Eastern European and (post)socialist areas like former Yugoslavia, the South Caucasus, Poland and the Czech Republic.


ISBN (Hardcover)
Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Warszawa, Wien, 2020. 346 pp., 54 fig. col., 4 fig. b/w, 9 tables.

Biographical notes

Marina Scharlaj (Volume editor)

Marina Scharlaj is a culturologist and linguist at the Institute of Slavic Studies, Technische Universität Dresden. From 2016–2019, she was the leader of the project "Aggression and Argumentation", financed by the Volkswagen Foundation. Dr. Scharlaj works in the field of digital media and public discourse, official and unofficial culture, as well as cross-border-cultures and conflict discourses.


Title: Language and Power in Discourses of Conflict