5. The Scandal of the Irrationality of Academia

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Journal: PHILOSOPHY AND THEORY IN HIGHER EDUCATION Volume 1 Issue 1 pp. 105 - 128


Academic inquiry, in devoting itself primarily to the pursuit of knowledge, is profoundly and damagingly irrational, in a wholesale, structural fashion, when judged from the standpoint of helping to promote human welfare. Judged from this standpoint, academic inquiry devoted to the pursuit of knowledge violates three of the four most elementary rules of rational problem-solving conceivable. Above all, it fails to give intellectual priority to the tasks of (1) articulating problems of living, including global problems, and (2) proposing and critically assessing possible solutions—possible social actions. This gross, structural irrationality of academic inquiry stems from blunders of the 18th century French Enlightenment. The

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Title: 5. The Scandal of the Irrationality of Academia
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