1. The Neoliberal Logic of Service-Learning

by Megan Snider Bailey (Author)
18 Pages
Open Access
Journal: PHILOSOPHY AND THEORY IN HIGHER EDUCATION Volume 2 Issue 1 Year 2020 pp. 1 - 18


This article investigates the ways in which service-learning manifests within our neoliberal clime, suggesting that service-learning amounts to a foil for neoliberalism, allowing neoliberal political and economic changes while masking their damaging effects. Neoliberalism shifts the relationship between the public and the private, structures higher education, and promotes a façade of community-based university partnerships while facilitating a pervasive regime of control. This article demonstrates that service-learning amounts to an enigma of neoliberalism, making possible the privatization of the public and the individualizing of social problems while masking evidence of market-based societal control. Neoliberal service-learning distances service from teaching and learning, allows market forces to shape university-community partnerships, and privatizes the public through dispossession by accumulation.

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Megan Snider Bailey (Author)


Title: 1. The Neoliberal Logic of Service-Learning