2. Finding Moments of Studying: Being a Studier in the University

by Jairo Jiménez (Author)
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Journal: PHILOSOPHY AND THEORY IN HIGHER EDUCATION Volume 2 Issue 3 Year 2020 pp. 31 - 48


Though different ideas about study have been proposed recently, there is still some ambiguity in denoting what it means “to be a studier” and its importance for the university. This article proposes to address the relation among times, spaces, matters of concern and studying in the university. Initially, it aims to reconsider the temporality and spatiality of study, focusing on concrete experiences of studying with others. After articulating specific forms and expectations of activities and spaces in the university, it proposes to disturb—at least momentarily—the rhythm and direction of educational designs to find moments for studying. This introduces three important and interrelated themes that will be helpful in thinking about studying: the nature of studying as a relation with others; the necessity of an attitude of studying; and the issue of love in studying. These issues offer a way to understand the qualities of the activities of studying and reveal the importance of thinking about the university as a space and time that might offer possibilities for


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Jairo Jiménez (Author)


Title: 2. Finding Moments of Studying: Being a Studier in the University