Changes and Innovations in the Education Institutions

From Regulation to Empowerment

by Guorui Fan (Author)
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The establishment and improvement of the education institution is an important factor to promote and guarantee the reform and development of the education system. From the perspective of institution analysis, this book shows the path and strategy of China’s educational modernization by combing and analyzing the process and elements of the educational institution changes in the past 40 years of China’s reform and opening up for researchers, educators and readers who want to understand the changes in China’s education institution. The book is based on the school, with thematic topics as the main line, respectively presenting school-running institution reform, education leadership and management institution reform at the macro-level; school leadership and management institution, curriculum and teaching material institution, teacher institution and education evaluation institution at the micro-level; and the examination enrollment and admission institution, the education supervision institution, the education finance institution and the education opening institution as an important support for school education. This three-dimensional institution analysis shows that China’s education institution and education reform in the past 40 years is a gradual process of continuous standardization and rule of law from the promotion of point reforms with education policies and regulations to the regulation of education order with education laws in promotion of the construction of education institutions. It is also a process of empowering by the rule of law, promoting consultation and co-governance, and stimulating the vitality of various educational stakeholders. It’s a process from regulation to empowerment.


Publication date
2022 (April)
Changes and Innovations in the Education Institution: From Regulation to Empowerment China's Path to Education Modernization Guorui Fan

Biographical notes

Guorui Fan (Author)

Guorui Fan is Professor of Education Theory and Policies at Faculty of Education and Dean of the Institute of Education Governance (IEG), East China Normal University. He is also the Changjiang (Yangtze River) Scholar Distinguished Professor (Ministry of Education, PRC), the Expert on Special Allowances of the Government of the State Council.


Title: Changes and Innovations in the Education Institutions