Graphic Criticism

Semantics, Neurology and Cultural Transmission—A Study of 100 Classic Anglophone Novels

by Martin J. Gliserman (Author)
©2022 Monographs XXVI, 178 Pages


Graphic Criticism analyzes the semantic families of one hundred Anglophone novels written between 1719 and 1997. The analysis demonstrates that these novels embed a code for semantic distribution, and that code is the way that cultural values are transmitted. The longitudinal aspect of the analysis illuminates what T.S. Eliot called "tradition." Graphic Criticism also zooms in on the particulars of a variety of the corpus texts to reveal Eliot’s "individual talent." Thus while the corpus indicates that the proportion of any semantic feature is consistent across time, each writer creatively works and plays with that feature in his or her own style.

Table Of Contents

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  • Advance Praise
  • Title
  • Copyright
  • About the author
  • About the book
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  • Contents
  • List of Figures
  • Preface: Bio-Bibliography
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction: Semantic Webs: From Data to Network in Kate Chopin’s The Awakening
  • 1. Beginning with Beloved
  • 2. The Named Body of One Hundred Novels, 1719–1997
  • 3. The “Compleat” Semantic World of Robinson Crusoe
  • 4. The Semantic World of One Hundred Novels: Evidence and Cases
  • 5. BROKE and NOSE in The Great Gatsby: White Male Rage
  • 6. The Heart of Beloved and Ninety-Nine Other Novels
  • 7. Skin and Trauma
  • 8. Windows in Passing: What Goes Out the Window, Not Who
  • 9. Audible Man—Voice in Invisible Man
  • CODA
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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List of Figures

Figure i.1 Word Cloud of Kate Chopin’s The Awakening

Figure i.2 Named People in Word Cloud

Figure i.3 Titles of Gendered Roles and Non-Gender Specific in Word Cloud

Figure i.4 The Named Body, and Motor Actions in Word Cloud

Figure i.5 Neurological: Cognitive, Linguistic, Affective & Perceptual Language in Word Cloud

Figure i.6 Language of the Built World; & The Socially Constructed World in Word Cloud

Figure i.7 From Word Cloud to Web

Figure i.8 Word Cloud of Joseph Conrad’s The Heart of Darkness

Figure 1.1 Named Body in Toni Morrison’s Beloved

Figure 1.2 Four Overarching Semantic Categories

Figure 1.3 Carl Buck’s Categories Rationalized

Figure 1.4a Julius Laffal’s Categories Rationalized—Natural World & Human Being

Figure 1.4b Julius Laffal’s Categories Rationalized—Built World & Socially Constructed World

Figure 1.5 BODY Intensity, Chronological and Incremental

Figure 2.1 Five Major BODY Clusters

Figure 2.2 Eight HEAD Clusters

Figure 2.3 Nineteen BODY Clusters

Figure 2.4 Individual Major Clusters HEAD, Chronological and Incremental

Figure 2.5 Individual Major Clusters UPPER LIMB, Chronological and Incremental

Figure 2.6 Individual Major Clusters TORSO, Chronological and Incremental

Figure 2.7 Individual Major Clusters LOWER LIMB, Chronological and Incremental←xi | xii→

Figure 2.8 Individual Major Clusters SYSTEMS, Chronological and Incremental

Figure 2.9 Map of Five Major BODY clusters, Nineteen Clusters, and 105 Individual Pieces

Figure 3.1 Robinson Crusoe RAW UNIVERSE

Figure 3.2 Robinson Crusoe TREES

Figure 3.3 Robinson Crusoe BODY Head & Hair

Figure 3.4 Robinson Crusoe FACE

Figure 3.5 Robinson Crusoe MIND

Figure 3.6 Robinson Crusoe MOUTH & NOSE

Figure 3.7 Robinson Crusoe EYES & EARS

Figure 3.8 Robinson Crusoe VOICE

Figure 3.9 Robinson Crusoe HEART

Figure 3.10 Robinson Crusoe UPPER LIMB

Figure 3.11 Robinson Crusoe LOWER LIMB

Figure 3.12 Robinson Crusoe AFFECT

Figure 3.13 Robinson Crusoe COGNITION

Figure 3.14 Robinson Crusoe MOTOR BODY

Figure 3.15a Robinson Crusoe BELIEF

Figure 3.15b Robinson Crusoe BELIEF

Figure 3.16 Robinson Crusoe ECONOMICS

Figure 3.17a Robinson Crusoe META-LANGUAGE

Figure 3.17b Robinson Crusoe META-LANGUAGE

Figure 3.18 Robinson Crusoe MONEY

Figure 3.19 Robinson Crusoe TIME & SPACE

Figure 3.20 Robinson Crusoe BOAT

Figure 3.21 Robinson Crusoe CLOTHING, SHELTER, FURNISHINGS

Figure 3.22 Robinson Crusoe FOOD

Figure 3.23 Robinson Crusoe CITIES & COUNTRIES

Figure 3.24 Robinson Crusoe TOOLS & WEAPONS

Figure 4.1 Four Core Semantic Zones of Word Worlds of 100 Novels

Figure 4.2 Fifteen Core Semantic Zones of Word Worlds of 100 Novels

Figure 4.3 Table of Orality in 4 Novels

Figure 4.4 Chart of Orality in 4 Novels

Figure 4.5 Nine Affects in 100 Novels

Figure 4.6 INTEREST in 100 Novels—Chronological and Incremental

Figure 4.7 DESIRE in 100 Novels—Chronological and Incremental

Figure 4.8 ENJOY & PLAY in 100 Novels—Chronological and Incremental

Figure 4.9 SURPRISE in 100 Novels—Chronological and Incremental

Figure 4.10 DISTRESS in 100 Novels—Chronological and Incremental

Figure 4.11 DISGUST in 100 Novels—Chronological and Incremental


XXVI, 178
ISBN (Hardcover)
Publication date
2022 (October)
Corpus Linguistics Semantic Families Anglophone Novels Cultural Transmission Semantics, Neurology and Cultural Transmission—A Study of 100 Classic Anglophone Novels Martin J. Gliserman Graphic Criticism
New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Oxford, Wien, 2022. XXVI, 178 pp., 105 b/w ill., 5 color ill.

Biographical notes

Martin J. Gliserman (Author)

Martin J. Gliserman has a Ph.D. in literature and language from Indiana University and is a certified Psychoanalyst graduated from the Center for Modern Psychoanalysis in New York City. He has been a professor at Rutgers University (New Brunswick) since 1971 and a practicing psychoanalyst since 1996. He was the Editor in Chief of American Imago from 1987 to 2002. His first book, Psychoanalysis, Language and the Body of the Text (1996), was a study of the psychoanalytic dynamics of syntax in a variety of novels


Title: Graphic Criticism
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