Toward Renewal and Belonging

Art, Movement, and Community

by Ingrid Hauss (Author)
©2023 Textbook XII, 164 Pages


In Toward Renewal and Belonging: Art, Movement, and Community, Ingrid Hauss models her uniquely integrative and embodied pedagogy through an intricate weave of her art, studio process, and creative practice. The book provides a glimpse into an artist’s journey which is rarely found in such a transparent, honest, and candid form. The author’s pedagogical approach draws on the richness of her lived experiences, her stories, art, and poetry. In this book, Ingrid invites readers to engage in a creative process of self-discovery. Leading through a series of creative encounters, each chapter inspires and nurtures the renewal of wellness, vitality, and creativity. This work does not require previous artistic training or expertise to be a valuable resource. Educators, artists of all disciplines, and anyone interested in accessing and nurturing their own creative potential will find the book engaging, inspiring, and empowering. This work deepens and invigorates readers’ creative conversations with themselves, their communities, and natural environments. Anyone who believes that it is not too late to create a better world will find this book a comforting companion.

"Ingrid Hauss’s new book engages the reader at many different levels—artistically, somatically and educationally. Each page brings some new idea or activity; the whole book is truly a journey of transformation."
—Jack Miller, Professor, The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education,The University of Toronto, and Author, The Holistic Curriculum

"Ingrid Hauss is a pure authentic and multi-dimensional creative artist. Her works spark the inner voice of inspiration and her personal narratives light fires that illuminate and invite creativity in everyday life. Her sight line on the world's beauty brings into focus a unique and wise interpretation of the healing power of art in the world all around us."
—Joel Carter, M.D., Palliative Care Specialist, Author, TEDx Presenter, and Artist

"Ingrid Hauss is an artist whose insightful and beautifully written publication explores how art is a wellspring that can transform our very way of being by elevating our consciousness, providing a place of respite, and offering life-enhancing opportunities for spiritual growth."
—Leesa Fanning, Independent Curator, Former Curator of Contemporary Art, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Table Of Contents

  • Cover
  • Title
  • Copyright
  • About the author
  • About the book
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  • Contents
  • List of Figures
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • Welcome
  • Chapter 1 Inhalation: Breathing Life Toward Wonder and Awe
  • Chapter 2 Exhalation: Hospitable Spaces and Creativity
  • Chapter 3 Inscapes: Affirming Creative Vision beyond Interdisciplinary Thresholds
  • Chapter 4 Practice with Inner Momentum: Toward the Manifestation of Creative Vision
  • Chapter 5 Spaces for Nurturing and Self Care: Fostering Creative Renewal
  • Chapter 6 Ponderings: Mirrors of Self-Reflection
  • Chapter 7 Core Stabilization and Balance: Roots in Art, Movement, and Community
  • Chapter 8 Creativity in Motion: Toward Renewal and Belonging
  • Epilogue

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Figure 0.1: Welcome

Figure 1.1: Open to Nurture

Figure 1.2: Wave Harmony

Figure 2.1: Sea-Side Journey or Loon’s Farewell

Figure 2.2: The Art of Letting Go: Back Lanes to Love

Figure 2.3: Rock Person

Figure 2.4: Mountain Whites and Sea Blues

Figure 2.5: Dancing Trees

Figure 3.1: Receiving

Figure 3.2: Coast to Exhale

Figure 3.3: People in Red

Figure 3.4: Water Wheel

Figure 4.1: Kinesthetic Dispositions I

Figure 4.2: Kinesthetic Dispositions II

Figure 4.3: Nautilus

Figure 4.4: People in Green

Figure 5.1: Stealing Away

Figure 5.2: Bee-House

Figure 5.3: See you at the Milk-Well

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Figure 5.4: Yours Truly

Figure 6.1: Ponderings: Mirrors of Self-Reflection

Figure 6.2: Pine Cone’s Gift

Figure 6.3: Praying Matisse

Figure 6.4: Music in my Cup

Figure 6.5: Evenings: Point of No Return

Figure 6.6: Transcend: Fragments of Love

Figure 6.7: Leaning into It: Waiting it Out

Figure 6.8: Polar Bears

Figure 6.9: Earth People

Figure 6.10: Mirrors’ Crossing

Figure 7.1: Balance on Top of the World

Figure 7.2: Storm Dancer

Figure 7.3: Poetic Sculpture: Yes

Figure 7.4: The Train Flies Through the Landscape

Figure 7.5: Soul Hauss

Figure 7.6: Poetic Sculpture: We Tree Bones Speak

Figure 7.7: Torso Tree

Figure 7.8: Solitude of Trees

Figure 7.9: I was a tree once. How did I get here?

Figure 7.10: Poetic Sculpture: Rest

Figure 8.1: The Journey Wheel

Figure 8.2: Kinesthetic Dispositions III

Figure 8.3: Kinesthetic Dispositions IV

Figure 8.4: Liberty Dove

Figure E.1: Final Sails: Toward Renewal and Belonging

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My deep gratitude and sincere acknowledgements to the Squamish Peoples and their related communities. I am honored and grateful to walk, dance, drum, write, learn, paint, teach, breathe, and live on their original grounds of Nex̱wlélex̱wm or, Bowen Island.


I am deeply appreciative of Peter Lang Publishing, for believing in this unusual project and giving it a chance to be shared with the world. My sincere gratitude goes out to the publisher’s fine team of peer reviewers, whose thorough direction and helpful scholarly guidance was most useful. A magnificent bouquet of flowers and shout out for excellence and artful editing goes to Dani Green for her kind, supportive, open, and thorough editing. Dani, it is because of your incredibly patient reading, adding-in of commas, encouraging, and creative feed-back, that this book has made it into the world!

The community and dogs of Bowen Island, thank you. Thank you, Caroline, for your friendship, and for introducing me to Dorene and Bruce Russel. My heartfelt thanks go out to the Russels for their light-filled presence, warmth and generous hospitality. Thank you for letting me stay at your coastal oasis, healing abode and sea-side cottage, Costalotta. The sounds and rhythms of the tide in play with seagulls and geese have rocked, calmed, stirred, and called this book into being.

For a period at Penny Lou Cottage, a writer’s residence, thank you, Rivendell Community. Many thanks to my students, my clients, my graduate studies’ cohort and mentors. Special thanks to Professor Mike Emme ←xi | xii→for supervision and editing on my thesis, which served as a springboard for this book.


XII, 164
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2022 (December)
Creative Awareness Fine Art Creativity in Everyday Life Toward Renewal and Belonging Art Interdisciplinary Arts Performance Pedagogy Somatically based Art and Arts Education Kinaesthetic Awareness Healing through Creative Expression Art, Movement, and Community Ingrid Hauss
New York, Berlin, Bruxelles, Lausanne, Oxford, 2023. XII, 164 pp., 20 b/w ill., 25 color ill.

Biographical notes

Ingrid Hauss (Author)

Ingrid Hauss received her Masters in Arts Education from the University of Victoria, Canada. Her work integrates arts with somatic and creative awareness. She has presented at the Global Congress for Art Education at the University of British Columbia, Canada and shows her art internationally.


Title: Toward Renewal and Belonging