National Finance

A Chinese Perspective, Second Edition

by Yunxian Chen (Author)
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This book aims to look into countries’ national financial behaviors and their attributes under the modern financial system and explore several important themes regarding national finance. Different from the commonly referred to finance discipline which studies financial affairs in general, national finance focuses on the most essential and immediate issues pertaining to a country’s financial development: After a country designs its top-level financial layout and chooses a regulatory regime, how should it lead its domestic finance to develop and overtake? How should a country’s financial system respond to the worldwide rapid development of hi-techs? How to guard against and cope with systemic or regional financial risks? How should a country participate in the construction and promotion of a new international financial order amid international financial powers? These are all questions national finance as a subject must address at the highest level.

Biographical notes

Yunxian Chen (Author)

Yunxian Chen is a well-known economist and financial expert in China and the founder of GF Securities. He holds a PhD degree in economics from Peking University and was an Associate in Research at the Fairbank Center of Harvard University (2001). He also completed the AMP at Harvard Business School (2001) and the SEF at John F. Kennedy School of Government (2003). Chen is a guest professor and doctoral supervisor at Peking University and Sun Yat-sen University. His major academic publications include The Dual-Entity of Market Competition: Establishment and Development of Mezzoeconomics (2021), New Economic Engine: Effective Government and Efficient Market (2020), Regional Government Competition (2019), among others.


Title: National Finance