Journal of Intercultural Communication & Interactions Research

ISSN: 2768-1459


JICIR is a new trans-cultural and inter-disciplinary journal addressing comparative, cross-, and inter-cultural research that focuses on the dynamic interactions of, across, between, and within “cultures.” Articles address the orientations, challenges, and outcomes of how people identified or identifying with different cultural groups dynamically perceive, represent, encounter, and interact with each “Other” across culturally conceived/constructed inter-group boundaries. The journal aims to publish high-quality peer-reviewed scientific research focusing on important intercultural constructs, theories, themes, and topics, with special focus on those re-examining or expanding established theories to consider non-Western, Asian, Chinese, or other indigenous approaches and perspectives. JICIR invites authors to submit original research articles that provide new approaches, lesser-represented data samples, meta-theoretical, or critical perspectives on how people of various cultures socio-psychologically process, functionally react or seek to meaningfully relate to each other.

Volume 1 (2021)