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  • Histories of Religious Pluralism

    ISSN: 2632-3257

    This new book series will show that a critical understanding of religious pluralism in the past is of vital significance to debates about identity, diversity, and co-existence in the present. Studies will focus on using a historical perspective to address one of three key themes in the period between 1500 and 2000 CE: intra-religious pluralism; inter-religious pluralism; or, religion, secularism, and the nation state. Within this frame of reference, constructive contrasts between a wide range of foci, approaches, and viewpoints will be keenly encouraged. The series will champion established lines of research in political, social, cultural, and gendered histories of religious pluralism – e.g. studies on liberty, persecution, and toleration – whilst also encouraging novel ways of transcending a scholarly discourse which is dominated by ideologies and methodologies derived from the social sciences – e.g. by studies on the theological and literary dimensions of conflict, cohesion, and community. The series will embrace scholarship on subjects from any part of the world. European and extra-European perspectives that complement traditional Anglo-American thinking are particularly welcome. As the ‘global turn’ continues to energize new types of enquiry, the series will also seek to advance studies of indigenous and displaced religious groups. With this scope there is a reflexive acknowledgement that the rationale for and defining concepts of the series are grounded in a ‘western’ intellectual tradition; however, this should serve as a challenge to prospective authors to pioneer new dialogues between ‘western’ and ‘non-western’ approaches and foci, or even surpass the dichotomy altogether. An emphasis will be given to promoting the best research of early career scholars from around the world, whilst also giving more established academics the opportunity to develop their multimedia policy-orientated work – e.g. podcasts, blogs, talks, press briefings, reports for thinktanks, governments, and public agencies etc. – into a book that would engage peers and students alike.

    1 publications

  • Title: A Protestant Theology of Religious Pluralism

    A Protestant Theology of Religious Pluralism

    by Livingstone Thompson (Author)
    ©2009 Monographs
  • Title: Religious Pluralism in the Academy

    Religious Pluralism in the Academy

    Opening the Dialogue
    by Robert J. Nash (Author)
    ©2002 Textbook
  • Title: The Decisiveness of the Christ-Event and the Universality of Christianity in a World of Religious Plurality
  • Title: Persecution and Pluralism

    Persecution and Pluralism

    Calvinists and Religious Minorities in Early Modern Europe 1550-1700
    by Richard J. Bonney (Volume editor) David J.B. Trim (Volume editor)
    ©2007 Conference proceedings
  • Title: Welcoming the Interfaith Future

    Welcoming the Interfaith Future

    Religious Pluralism in a Global Age
    by Frederick Quinn (Author) 2012
    ©2012 Monographs
  • Title: Education as Transformation

    Education as Transformation

    Religious Pluralism, Spirituality, and a New Vision for Higher Education in America
    by Victor H. Kazanjian Jr. (Volume editor) Peter L. Laurence (Volume editor)
    ©2006 Others
  • Title: Transforming Campus Life

    Transforming Campus Life

    Reflections on Spirituality and Religious Pluralism
    by Vachel W. Miller (Volume editor) Merle M. Ryan (Volume editor)
    ©2002 Textbook
  • Studies in the History of Religious and Political Pluralism

    ISSN: 1661-1985

    This series addresses a new need. The constitution of many contemporary communities is radically diverse, and the need is to think anew about them. Through a mixture of edited collections and single-authored volumes, the series aims both to examine how radical diversity has arisen in the religious and political constitution of society and to analyse the implications for the future so as to help ensure the harmonious relations between communities and the best practice of government. Studies in the History of Religious and Political Pluralism will evaluate new trends and theories and make available the findings of empirical research which demonstrates the nature of the pluralistic world in which we live.

    11 publications

  • Title: Legitimization of Religious Symbols in the Education - Development towards Pluralism or Secularism

    Legitimization of Religious Symbols in the Education - Development towards Pluralism or Secularism

    A legal comparison in Germany, England and France and Introspection on the European Level
    by Niran Hen (Author) 2019
    ©2019 Thesis
  • Title: «Zvinorwadza»


    Being a patient in the religious and medical plurality of the Mberengwa district, Zimbabwe
    by Olov Dahlin (Author)
    ©2002 Thesis
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