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Ronen A. Cohen

Among the players in the Iranian Revolution were tens of groups, including the Mojahedin-e Khalq, the Forqan Group, the Hojjatiyeh, and the Tudeh, among others. Yet, one was not so well-known and, unlike others that embarked on revolutionary paths, this group was not big or active enough to do any serious damage to anybody, except perhaps to themselves, by scratching out their own innovative brand of ideological revolution. Sharia’ti’s ideology and revolutionary thought was on the front lines of the Revolution playing its modest part. Moreover, on second, third, or even fourth look, the Islamic Revolution could not have gone on without them. Though their contribution may have been modest and not easily detected, their role was nonetheless very important and must be understood to fully comprehend the main theme of the Revolution.

This book speaks to the Arman-e Mostadha’fin’s story. Confused and frustrated, this group tried to make its contribution to the Revolution’s spirit, in particular how to understand Sharia’ti’s ideological path. At the end of the day, their impact was too little to influence the wave of the Revolution; however, their existence within it helped to serve Sharia’ti’s ideology in a way that changed the shape of the Islamic Revolution’s first days.

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Edited by Gilles Le Béguec

Avocat, résistant, professeur agrégé des Facultés de droit, dirigeant politique, sénateur (1946-1954) puis député (1968-1969)… Le parcours de Léo Hamon est l’un des plus riches du XXe siècle, et peut-être l’un des plus révélateurs de son époque.

Cet ouvrage, issu d’un colloque tenu en décembre 2013, organisé par l’Institut Georges Pompidou, le Centre d’histoire de Sciences Po et la Fondation Charles de Gaulle, revient sur les différentes facettes de son parcours : des premiers engagements à gauche à la rencontre avec le gaullisme en passant par le MRP, du Conseil municipal de Paris à la Libération aux fonctions de porte-parole du Gouvernement sous Jacques Chaban-Delmas (1969-1972), du juriste praticien et commentateur de la pratique institutionnelle au défenseur d’une certaine approche des relations internationales.

Se dessine ainsi le portrait multiple d’une figure singulière. Le caractère de Léo Hamon est marqué par la diversité de ses centres d’intérêt, la fidélité à ses engagements et à ses idées, son extrême rigueur intellectuelle, sa curiosité et son ouverture d’esprit. Les communications ici rassemblées sont autant de points d’entrée sur une personnalité méconnue et fascinante.

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Geopolitics of Memory and Transnational Citizenship

Thinking Local Development in a Global South

Clara Rachel Eybalin Casséus

This book offers new perspectives on transnational citizenship, memory and strategies of development. Beginning with an exploration of belonging and cultural memory, the book turns to a series of case studies in order to examine the ways in which citizens actively engage with their state of origin through narratives of remembrance. In the Haitian case, community engagement is primarily a grassroots movement in spite of the early creation of a Ministry of Haitians Abroad (MHAVE). The Jamaican case, however, differentiates itself by having a top–down structure promoted by an administration that actively seeks to engage Jamaicans abroad by way of solidarity funds. By treating simultaneously two geopolitical entities, Francophonie and the Commonwealth, this study offers a unique, comparative perspective on a complex web of family networks, spiritual bonds and entrepreneurial cross-border practices at the core of a common Caribbean culture of resilience and self-reliance. The findings on the relationship between memory, citizenship and the State challenge the existing assumption that communities abroad become increasingly assimilated into the new society, whereas, in fact, the idea of a transnational citizenship has become increasingly prevalent. This evolution is enhanced by memory, which acts as a powerful dynamic engine to deconstruct citizenship while connecting beyond borders.

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Kevin Dooley

Allegories and Metaphors in Early Political Thought: From Plato to Machiavelli examines allegories and metaphors that best exemplify the ideologies of Plato, Aristotle, St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, and Niccolo Machiavelli. Author Kevin Dooley’s approach allows readers to gain a greater understanding of each thinker’s ideas through the lens of metaphor, which stimulates imaginative discussions and more thoughtful reflections.

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Aider les Acadiens ?

Bienfaisance et déportation 1755-1776. Préface de Martin Pâquet


Adeline Vasquez

Pourquoi accueillir des réfugiés en période de guerre ? Cette question si contemporaine s’est posée dès le XVIIIe siècle aux administrateurs britanniques des colonies d’Amérique du Nord. À travers un exemple concret de « bienfaisance » en faveur des habitants de l’ancienne colonie française d’Acadie, cet ouvrage montre qu’au-delà des conflits militaires, des idées communes sur l’entraide et la fraternité marquèrent déjà les rapports sociaux de part et d’autre de l’Atlantique. Connue sous l’expression « Grand Dérangement », la déportation des Acadiens de 1755 fait ici, pour la première fois, l’objet d’une analyse détaillée des rapports entre cette population déplacée de force et les diverses autorités qui furent chargées de l’accueillir.

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Hidden in Plain Sight

Covert Criticism of the Medici in Renaissance Florence


James O. Ward

Hidden in Plain Sight: Covert Criticism of the Medici in Renaissance Florence offers the first systematic study of an important and heretofore insufficiently-studied phenomenon in Renaissance Europe. Through a close examination of a wide variety of visual and textual materials, James O. Ward illuminates the means by which Florentine citizens—among them several of the most famous artists and writers of the time, such as Michelangelo, Machiavelli, and Vasari—managed, in an increasingly authoritarian political and cultural climate, to express their disaffection with the prevailing political and cultural status quo in relatively safe ways, while at the same time maintaining contact with those rulers whom they criticized, upon whom they often depended for their livelihoods. Ward’s volume thus offers new and provocative interpretations of some of the most famous works of Italian Renaissance visual and textual culture—for example, Michelangelo’s New Sacristy in Florence, Machiavelli’s Prince, and Vasari’s portrait of Lorenzo de’ Medici—which have traditionally been viewed by scholars of the period as encomiastic celebrations of their patrons’ power and prestige. The volume thus provides—besides its intimate view of power relations between some of Florence’s most creative artists and writers and those they served—fresh perspectives on the important question of patron-artist relations during the period.

Written it in a style which is not too technical, the book is an ideal resource for specialists in Italian history, art history, literature, rhetoric, theatre studies, and the history of Italian academies, as well as a stimulating narrative for the educated general reader interested in the history of Florence, and its often fraught relations with its leading family, the Medici.

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Edited by Florian Bieber, Magdalena Solska and Dane Taleski

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Sonja Begalke

Das Buch liefert eine profunde Untersuchung der Auseinandersetzung mit der NS-Herrschaft in der Publizistik 1945–1949: Am Beispiel der zeitgenössischen Zeitschrift «Die Wandlung» und ihres Netzwerks zeichnet die Autorin detailliert den Umgang damals führender Intellektueller mit den Themen Aufarbeitung der NS-Verbrechen, Schuld und Widerstandsbewegungen nach und untersucht die Konzepte für einen demokratischen Neuanfang. Diese frühen kritischen Positionen, die auf einen klaren Bruch mit dem NS-Unrechtsstaat abzielten, wurden in der frühen Bundesrepublik weitestgehend zurückgedrängt und von der Zeitgeschichtsschreibung bis heute nicht hinreichend wahrgenommen. Die Studie liefert somit einen Beitrag zur Kritik am Narrativ einer geradlinigen „Erfolgsgeschichte" der Bundesrepublik.

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Castles as European Phenomena

Towards an international approach to medieval castles in Europe. Contributions to an international and interdisciplinary workshop in Kiel, February 2016


Edited by Stefan Magnussen and Daniel Kossack

Castle research witnessed a revival in recent years, and new theoretical and methodological approaches have massively changed our perception of medieval castles. But despite the fact that this renaissance is observable all over Europe, research is still mostly subject to regional perspectives. In 2016, a workshop was hosted at Kiel University, Germany, in order to address these recent developments and stimulate international scientific discourse. It was especially designed to provide a platform for young scholars. With its 11 contributions, the volume provides a vivid picture of current castle research in different areas of Europe, from Italy to Latvia and the Levant to Denmark.

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Michael J. C. Taylor

The Preamble and Mission of the Constitution is an intellectual history of the six essential phrases of the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution. These phrases convey what the essential goals and purposes of the Constitution are, and this book’s essential mission is to discern both the original intent of the Framers, as well as the Enlightenment legacy they left to us. This book examines the writings of the Framers, as well as the various works that inspired their ideas and the abstract concepts they studied.