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The Assyrian Church of the East

History and Geography

Christine Chaillot

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James M. Magrini

Politics of the Soul in the Alcibiades is an important book that develops an interpretation of the essence of the political (politics of the soul) as elucidated through the analysis of Socrates’ practice of “self-cultivation” or care for the soul. In the process, it also confronts the issue of the problematic relationship between philosopher and statesman that is present to Plato’s dialogues. The analysis contributes the following to ongoing scholarship: (1) It offers a detailed and critical discussion of the neglected and ofttimes maligned dialogue the Alcibiades; (2) It contributes to the reinterpretation of the traditional view of the Socratic method arguing for elenchus as an expression and instantiation of the normative politics it seeks to define; and  (3) In developing a unique account of Socratic participatory democracy, it has the subordinate aim of demonstrating the value of Socratic practice over our own impoverished practice of impoverished political discourse. The text is suitable for scholars working in the fields of philosophy, ancient Greek philosophy, and classical studies. It would serve as an excellent secondary text for graduate level courses reading Plato’s dialogues because it contains an extensive and sustained discussion of Socratic method. In addition to graduate students, it is appropriate for college students pursuing courses in philosophy in their third or fourth year of study. Laypersons who are intellectually curious about philosophy, particularly those interested in Socrates, will be attracted to this text.
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Edited by Soli Shahvar

This volume brings together a selection of essays from the Lecture Series in Bahá’í studies at the University of Haifa. Each chapter explores an aspect of the Bahá’í religion, including its history, community, culture and theoretical perspectives on contemporary issues. The authors discuss topics including the family and descendants of the Báb (founder of the religion from which the Bahá’í Faith emerged), the influential role of Bahá’í schools in the modernization of education in Iran, the process of introducing the law of monogamy into the Iranian Bahá’í community, early connections between Swiss citizens and Bahá’ís in the Middle East, the rich and varied landscape of Persian Bahá’í poetry, and the role of African Americans in the development of the US Bahá’í community, particularly with regard to race relations and the principle of the oneness of humanity. Also presented in this volume are Bahá’í perspectives on contemporary topics including changing conceptions of work and work values, the role of apologetics in interfaith dialogue, and the issue of ‘defamation of religions’ in international human rights discourse. This book will be of interest to readers in various disciplines in the humanities and social sciences who want to become informed in more depth about a wider range of topics in the emerging field of Bahá’í studies.
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Narry F. Santos

 The social values of honor and shame, which have attracted much research from cultural anthropology and New Testament studies for the past five decades, is the main focus of the book. This book proposes the need to combine major contributions of narrative, rhetorical, and cultural anthropological approaches to trace the development of the twofold honor-shame concept throughout the Marcan narrative—with special attention to family relations. Though adequate social-scientific and socio-rhetorical studies in Mark’s Gospel (even in relation to honor and shame) have been conducted, there are still few scholarly monographs that trace the honor-shame motifs from the start to the end of the narrative through the use of helpful insights from literary methods and heuristic models (e.g., challenge-riposte; patron–client relation). Thus, this book seeks to undertake this kind of research. If argues further that Mark intends to reverse the content of the honor-shame value system of his audience by means of narrative reversal and family relativization. Such dramatic redefinition basically turns this value system upside-down, especially in relation to the natural family and the new fictive family of Jesus. Finally, the book unpacks how Mark persuades his readers to reverse their value system—what they consider as shameful must now be valued as honorable, and what they view as honorable must now be seen as dishonorable. NT scholars, seminary professors, and graduate students will benefit from reading this book, which offers a fresh integrated honor–shame approach in studying Mark’s Gospel from start to finish.

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Edited by Cyril Levitt and Sabine Sander

This posthumously published work by Lawrence Krader surveys the study of myths from ancient times (classical Greece and Rome, Egypt, Babylonian, Akkadian, Sumerian, Chinese) from the Biblican traditions, from the indigenous peoples of the Americas and Australia, and from Northeastern and Central Asia.The book covers the various approaches to the study of myth from ancient times through Europe in the Middle Ages, in the Renaissance and Enlightenment, in the Romantic movement in the late eighteenth and early to mid-nineteenth century, among the evolutionists of the mid-nineteenth to the early twentieth century, and the structuralists, and hermeneutic approaches as well as linguistics. The book covers the treatment of myth from the inside that is from the experience of those committed to the myth and from the outside or those ethnologists, philosophers, and other students of myth who are outsiders. This treatment takes up the theme of esoteric and exoteric myths as it rejects some of the assumptions and approaches to the study of myth in the past while singling out others for approval and inclusion in the general theory of myth. Interestingly, it includes a discussion of myth in science and in infinitesimal mathematics. And, it considers the relationship between myth and ideology in the twentieth century in relation to politics and power. It both incorporates and broadens Krader’s theory of nature as a manifold consisting of different orders which he developed in his magnum opus Noetics: The Science of Thinking and Knowing.

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Hans Albert und der Kritische Rationalismus

Festschrift zum 100. Geburtstag von Hans Albert


Edited by Volker Gadenne and Reinhard Neck

Am 8.2.2021 feiert Hans Albert seinen 100. Geburtstag. Hans Albert ist der wichtigste Vertreter des Kritischen Rationalismus im deutschen Sprachraum und weit darüber hinaus. Aus diesem Anlass verfassten 19 Freunde, Schüler, Kolleginnen und Kollegen Forschungsbeiträge und Übersichtsaufsätze zu Themen dieser Philosophie. Behandelt werden unter anderem Themen wie das Münchhausen-Trilemma, die Erkenntnis- und Entscheidungspraxis des Kritischen Rationalismus und Anwendungen dieser Philosophie auf Fragen von Soziologie, Volkswirtschaftslehre, Rechtswissenschaft und Geschichtswissenschaft. Die Beiträge zeigen, dass der Kritische Rationalismus eine fortschrittliche und attraktive Philosophie auch für das 21. Jahrhundert ist.
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Droit à la rémunération juste et à la protection sociale du clergé diocésain

Étude historico-canonique du can. 281, §§ 1-2. Dans la perspective de la prise en charge de l’Église particulière par elle-même en République Démocratique du Congo


Crispin Kabeya Kipana

Ce travail traite, dans une approche canonique, le droit à la rémunération juste et à la protection sociale du clergé diocésain des Églises africaines. « Comment faire pour offrir aux prêtres et à l’ensemble des citoyens des conditions de vie digne ? », cette question touche l’ensemble des citoyens dans plusieurs pays africains et constitue un défi social et pastoral pour les dirigeants politiques et religieux. Au niveau ecclésial, elle invite à promouvoir des relations interecclésiales respectant le principe de subsidiarité encourageant une gestion autonome et responsable de chaque Église. Une Église devrait être en mesure de définir son modèle d’Église et son paradigme pastoral pour relever les multiples défis liés à l’évangélisation et à la lutte contre toutes formes d’injustice et des inégalités sociales.

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Marta Albert Márquez

La filosofía es, en una de sus dimensiones fundamentales, aprendizaje vital. Y esto, que siempre es radicalmente necesario, lo es aún más cuando la vida se vive en circunstancias de extrema precariedad como, por ejemplo, en la cárcel. El libro "Filosofía en Prisión" alberga nuestras reflexiones sobre la relación entre filosofía y privación de libertad. A través de sus páginas describimos diversas experiencias de talleres filosóficos en prisión, desarrolladas en su mayoría en el Centro Penitenciario Madrid-VI. La estigmatización de los reclusos, la justicia, la enfermedad, la muerte o la soledad son algunos de los temas abordados. Nada humano queda fuera de la mirada serena de la filosofía.

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Der heilige Tausch

Ideen zu einer Zukunft des Christentums


Boris Wandruszka

Das Verhältnis von Religion und Gewalt ist ein wiederkehrendes Diskussionsthema. Anhand dieser Thematik versucht der Autor, den Kern der christlichen Botschaft herauszuarbeiten und als Heiligen Tausch (commercium sacrale) zu fassen, der wie kaum ein anderer Gedanke das innere Leben Gottes und seine Inkarnation in der Welt aufschließt. Nachdem in einem kritischen Teil die Quellen und Mechanismen der Gewalt ermittelt wurden, erarbeitet der Autor grundsätzliche Reformvorschläge, die das noch ungehobene universale und humanisierende Potential des Christentums freilegen. Dabei bedient sich der Autor phänomenologisch-dekriptiver, sprachanalytischer, historisch-kritischer, (tiefen-)psychologischer und metaphysischer Methoden, die eine neue hermeneutische Herangehensweise an die Heilige Schrift möglich machen.
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Lebendiger Islam

Praxis- und Methoden-Reflexion der islamisch-theologischen Studien in Deutschland

Edited by Katharina Völker and Ertuğrul Şahin

Vorliegender Sammelband ist das Ergebnis der Forscher-Werkstatt Lebendiger Islam, welche 2019 an der Eberhard Karls Universität in Tübingen stattfand. Die AutorInnen gewähren Einblicke in Methoden und Ergebnisse ihrer mehrjährigen Studien, die vor allem muslimisches Leben im Hier und Jetzt ergründen. Sowohl die Lebendigkeit als auch die Ergiebigkeit der jungen Wissenschaftsdisziplin Islamische Theologie lassen sich hier am regen wissenschaftlichen Diskurs aber auch in den Praxisräumen des angewandten Muslim-Seins erkennen. Die Beiträge stammen von MitarbeiterInnen der Zentren für Islamische Studien in Frankfurt/Gießen und für Islamische Theologie in Tübingen, sowie dem Lehrstuhl für sozialwissenschaftliche Erforschung des Islam im Europa des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts in Münster.