Relations financières internationales / International Financial Relations

Relations financières internationales

The «International Triffin Foundation», hosted by the Institute for European Studies at the Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium), has the objective of establishing a centre dedicated to the continuation of the scientific work and the intellectual legacy of Robert Triffin (1911–1993) in the field of the international monetary system, and more generally in the areas of economics, finance and the social sciences.
Regular publications in the series «International Financial Relations» will ensure promotion of individual or collective works whose main themes are the ones with which Robert Triffin was particularly associated (the European Payments Union, the creation of Special Drawing Rights, the European Monetary System), as well as addressing the new problems which the international monetary system will be confronting at the dawn of the 21st century (external effects of the European Economic and Monetary Union, new tasks for the International Monetary Fund, prevention of financial crises, etc.).