Asian American Studies

Editors: Maria C. Zamora

The Asian American Studies series will continue to contribute to an understanding of the long neglected history, rich cultural heritage, and present position of Asian Americans in society. The series encompasses studies on all aspects of the Asian American experience, and we are committed to expanding the traditions of knowledge within the field to address vast Asian American epistemologies, communities, activities, and practices. We are looking for work which explores various facets of a transnational perspective including for example: diaspora, displacement and migratory identities, cultural hybridity, transculturation, comparative race studies, contemporary community issues, immigration politics, nationalisms, and representation. While seeking the highest standards of scholarship, the Asian American Studies series is thus a broad forum for research on diverse and complex Asian American issues.
The Asian American Studies series is committed to interdisciplinary and cross cultural scholarship. The series scope is primarily in the Humanities and Social Sciences. For example, topics in history, literature, culture, philosophy, religion, visual arts, performing arts, sociology, language & linguistics, gender studies, global studies, ethnic studies, etc. would be suitable. The series welcomes both individually authored and collaboratively authored books and monographs as well as edited collections of essays. The series will publish manuscripts primarily in English (although secondary references in other languages are certainly acceptable). Proposals from both emerging and established scholars are welcome.


  • Title: Lost in Transnation

    Lost in Transnation

    Alternative Narrative, National, and Historical Visions of the Korean-American Subject in Select 20th-Century Korean American Novels
    Volume 1
    by David S. Cho (Author) 2017
    ©2017 Monographs X, 178 Pages