Austrian Studies in English

ISSN: 1810-4517

Founded in 1895 under the title Wiener Beiträge zur englischen Philologie and continued as Austrian Studies in English from 1995 onwards, this is one of the oldest academic series world-wide. For more than a century it has offered a platform for the publication of outstanding monographs and article collections on the languages, literatures and cultures of the anglophone world to researchers with an affiliation with Austria. We invite excellent and innovative studies on these topics to be sent to one of the editors.
The manuscripts will be submitted to a two-stage peer-review process to maintain the high quality of the series.
Sabine Coelsch-Foisner (Salzburg), Gunther Kaltenböck (Graz), Gabriella Mazzon (Innsbruck)
Advisory Editorial Board:
Herbert Foltinek (Wien), Werner Huber (Wien), Allan James (Klagenfurt), Mario Klarer (Innsbruck), Holger Klein (Salzburg), Ewald Mengel (Wien), Nikolaus Ritt (Wien), Monika Seidl (Wien), Barbara Seidlhofer (Wien), Wilfried Wieden (Salzburg), Werner Wolf (Graz)