Australian Studies: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Editors: Anne Brewster

This interdisciplinary book series showcases dynamic, innovative research on contemporary and historical Australian culture. It aims to foster interventions in established debates on Australia as well as opening up new areas of enquiry that reflect the diversity of interests in the scholarly community. The series includes research in a range of fields across the humanities and social sciences, such as history, literature, media, philosophy, cultural studies, gender studies and politics. Proposals are encouraged in areas such as Indigenous studies, critical race and whiteness studies, women'Â’s studies, studies in colonialism and coloniality, multiculturalism, the experimental humanities and ecocriticism. Of particular interest is research that promotes the study of Australia in cross-cultural, transnational and comparative contexts. Cross-disciplinarity and new methodologies are welcomed. The series will feature the work of leading authors but also invites proposals from emerging scholars. Proposals for monographs, biographies and high-quality edited volumes are welcomed. Proposals and manuscripts considered for the series will be subject to rigorous peer review and editorial attention. The series is affiliated with the International Australian Studies Association (www.inasa.org). Please see their website for information about applying to the ECR Publication Subsidy Scheme.

Editorial Board: Dr Victoria Herche (University of Cologne), Dr Sukhmani Khorana (Western Sydney University), Associate Professor Shino Konishi (Australian Catholic University), Associate Professor Jeanine Leane (University of Melbourne), Associate Professor Alana Lentin (Western Sydney University), Professor Martin Nakata (James Cook University), Dr BJ Newton (University of New South Wales, Australia), Associate Professor Marguerite Nolan (Australian Catholic University), Dr Andonis Piperoglou (Griffith University), Associate Professor Emily Potter (Deakin University), Professor Noah Riseman (Australian Catholic University), Dr Jessa Rogers (Queensland University of Technology), Dr Liza-Mare Syron (University of New South Wales), Dr Anthea Taylor (University of Sydney), Dr Daniella Trimboli (Deakin University), Dr Daozhi Xu (Macquarie University).