American University Studies

Series 11: Anthropology/Sociology

The books within this series include a broad range of topics within the categories of anthropology and sociology. Typically, they are excellent monographs that have been subjected to a rigorous peer-review process. They tend to be written on topics that would not be suitable for our more specific series within each discipline. Many of the titles have won national and international awards. These books can be found in university library collections around the world.


  • Title: Across Three Continents

    Across Three Continents

    Reflections on Immigration, Education, and Personal Survival
    Volume 73
    by Katerina Bodovski (Author) 2015
    ©2016 Monographs 140 Pages
  • Title: Sociological Perspectives on Modernity

    Sociological Perspectives on Modernity

    Multiple Models and Competing Realities
    Volume 72
    by Arthur G. Neal (Author)
    ©2007 Monographs 181 Pages
  • Title: Play, School, and Society

    Play, School, and Society

    Edited and Introduced by Mary Jo Deegan
    Volume 71
    by Mary Jo Deegan (Author)
    ©2006 Monographs 157 Pages
  • Title: Witchcraft, Lycanthropy, Drugs and Disease

    Witchcraft, Lycanthropy, Drugs and Disease

    An Anthropological Study of the European Witch-Hunts- Second Printing
    Volume 70
    by Homayun Sidky (Author) 1997
    ©2004 Others 330 Pages
  • Title: Ngwa History

    Ngwa History

    A Study of Social and Economic Changes in Igbo Mini-States in Time Perspective
    Volume 55
    by John Nwachimereze Oriji (Author)
    ©1992 Others 176 Pages
  • Title: Sauna as Symbol

    Sauna as Symbol

    Society and Culture in Finland
    Volume 53
    by Lisa-Marlene Edelsward (Author)
    ©2001 Others 267 Pages
  • Title: Communal Organization and Social Transition

    Communal Organization and Social Transition

    A Case Study from the Counterculture of the Sixties and Seventies
    Volume 46
    by Barry Laffan (Author) Joanna Mauer (Author)
    ©1998 Others 288 Pages
  • Title: The Goals and Missions of Law Schools

    The Goals and Missions of Law Schools

    Volume 43
    by W. Scott Van Alstyne, Jr. (Author) Joseph R. Julin (Author) Larry D. Barnett (Author)
    ©1990 Others 145 Pages
  • Title: Technology, Values, and Society

    Technology, Values, and Society

    Social Forces in Technological Change
    Volume 27
    by Mitra Das (Author) Shirley Kolack (Author)
    ©2008 Others 160 Pages
  • Title: The Validity of the Case Study

    The Validity of the Case Study

    Deviance and Self-Destruction
    Volume 23
    by Daniel Leigh Haytin (Author)
    ©1989 Others 217 Pages