Exile Studies

Editors: Andrea Hammel

Exile Studies is a series of monographs and edited collections that takes a broad view of exile, including the life and work of refugees from National Socialism, and beyond. The series explores the different global and cultural spaces of exile and refuge as well as the specific historical, political and social concerns of exile writers and artists. The series engages with recent theoretical approaches to exile to shed new light on the unique conditions of mass flight from National Socialist persecution, with a particular interest in the work of Jewish refugees of the period. A plurality of theoretical approaches is encouraged, featuring research that reaches beyond national frameworks or disciplinary boundaries and takes multi-directional, transcultural or comparative approaches. The series aims to make connections to studies on more recent groups of refugees and to contribute to current debates. Themes include persecution, exclusion and delocalization, legacies of displacement, loss and acculturation as well as the creation of new homes and networks.
The series promotes dialogue among transnational, Jewish and memory studies, and among diaspora, Holocaust and postcolonial studies. It invites research that acknowledges questions of gender, race, class, religion and ethnicity as indispensable tools for understanding the cultural processes connected to the lives and works of refugees and exiles.


  • Title: I Went to England

    I Went to England

    A British Journal, 1935-1940. By Alfred Kerr
    Volume 23
    by Alan Bance (Volume editor) 2024
    ©2024 Others 284 Pages
  • Title: Innocence and Experience

    Innocence and Experience

    Childhood and the Refugees from Nazism in Britain
    Volume 22
    by Charmian Brinson (Volume editor) Anna Nyburg (Volume editor) 2024
    ©2024 Edited Collection 260 Pages
  • Title: Vanished Lands

    Vanished Lands

    Memory and Postmemory in North American Lithuanian Diaspora Literature
    Volume 21
    by Laima Vincė (Author) 2024
    ©2023 Monographs 536 Pages
  • Title: The Kindertransport in Literature

    The Kindertransport in Literature

    Reimagining Experience
    Volume 20
    by Stephanie Homer (Author) 2022
    ©2022 Monographs 250 Pages
  • Title: Anton Walbrook

    Anton Walbrook

    A Life of Masks and Mirrors
    Volume 19
    by James Downs (Author) 2021
    ©2020 Monographs 438 Pages
  • Title: The Dynamics of Forced Female Migration from Czechoslovakia to Britain, 1938–1950

    The Dynamics of Forced Female Migration from Czechoslovakia to Britain, 1938–1950

    Volume 18
    by Jana Barbora Buresova (Author) 2019
    ©2019 Monographs 330 Pages
  • Title: Roads Less Traveled

    Roads Less Traveled

    German-Jewish Exile Experiences in Kenya, 1933–1947
    Volume 17
    by Natalie Eppelsheimer (Author) 2019
    ©2019 Monographs 212 Pages
  • Title: Disenchanted Europeans

    Disenchanted Europeans

    Polish Émigré Writers from Kultura and Postwar Reformulations of the West
    Volume 16
    by Łukasz Mikołajewski (Author) 2018
    Monographs 472 Pages
  • Title: The Safe House Down Under

    The Safe House Down Under

    Jewish Refugees from Czechoslovakia in Australia 1938–1944
    Volume 15
    by Anna Rosenbaum (Author) 2017
    ©2017 Monographs 344 Pages
  • Title: The Vanished Musicians

    The Vanished Musicians

    Jewish Refugees in Australia
    Volume 14
    by Albrecht Dümling (Author) 2016
    ©2016 Monographs 576 Pages